• Birdville Independent School District Alternative Education Program

    DAEP's Motto:

    All students succeed in a future they create... Create a better you one choice at a time.

  • Mission Statement: 

    To provide an alternative environment where students and staff have opportunities to develop and incorporate positive social skills for the enhancement of academic and personal success.
  • Faculty and Staff:

    High School:
    Kara Rodriguez: Lead High School Teacher and Department Head
    Cary Beshel
    Katherine Eck
    Farley Styles


    Middle School: 
    Heather Kukuk: Lead Middle School Teacher
    Sierra Work

    Elementary School:
    Mona Michael

    Inclusion Teacher:
    Rebekah Tinsman

  • Intake Appointment times

    Tuesday - Thursday

    8:00 am- 9:30 am and at 1:30 pm

    Intakes are by appointment only.

    To schedule an intake please call 817-547-5434

  •  Administration:

    Principal: David Williams

    Assistant Principal: Tim Waldmann
    Campus Discipline Coordinator

    Attendance/Coordinator: Paula Rueda

    Student Assistance Counselor: Ravin McCallum

    Student Resource Officer: Jason Rogers