Johnny Freeman
  • Name:  Johnny Freeman
    Phone:  817-547-8238
    Conferences:  Please contact via email for a personal conference.
    2018-2019 Schedule
    Morning Tutorials  7:10-7:25 by appointment 
    1st  AP Eng III  7:30-8:18
    2nd  Conference Period 8:23-9:12
    3rd  AP Eng III  9:17-10:06
    4th  AP Eng III  10:11-11:00
    5th  AP Eng III  11:06-12:53
       Lunch 11:34-11:59 (C Lunch)
       Hawk Time 11-06-11:29 
    6th  Eng III  12:58-1:47
    7th  AP Eng III  1:52-2:40
    Afternoon Tutorials 2:45-3:15 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (subject to change without notice).  See Mrs. Nichols in B101 if I'm not here.