Jenna Gomez
  • Jenna Gomez

    Teacher:Professional Communications/Peer Assistance and Leadership 

    Digital Learning will be in Canvas!!!!!

    Click on the link above and then find the icon in the middle titled "Digital Learning Resources". You will need to login to the BISD portal and then click on the Canvas icon. If you have issue then please email me.



    Monday-Friday 7:05am-7:25am or 2:45-3:30pm

    (I often stay later to assist students)

    Conference Period:



    7:30-8:18      Professional Communication

    8:24-9:12      Peer Assistance and Leadership

    9:18-10:06    Conference Period

    10:12-11:00  Professional Communication

    11:06-11:30  Hawk Time

    11:38-12:03  Lunch

    12:03-12:53  Professional Communication

    12:59-1:47    Professional Communication

    1:53-2:45      Professional Communication