• Sponsor: Mrs. Gomez 

    The Peer Assistance and Leadership Program is a peer helping program, where selected Juniors and Seniors are trained to work as peer helpers with students on their own campus and feeder elementary and middle schools. The program is  approved by the Texas Education Agency, and is an elective course for credit toward graduation.

    A PAL is chosen because of their ability to listen, their willingness to be there for people needing assistance , and their understanding of the importance of confidentiality. A PAL must be honest, dependable, and trustworthy.


    A PAL is a student who:

    · Sets an example and will be friendly, helpful, and positive.

    · Is a role model and has high morals and virtues.

    · Will  be more involved with school events and encourage others to do the same.

    · Is a confident as a leader.

    · Is well prepared , trained , and organized

    · Is encouraging to others,

    · Is approachable and genuine

    · Eliminates conflicts through peer  mediation.



    Mandatory Dates
    August 22nd 12pm-1pm
    All packets for 2014-2015 are on or before February 13th