Business Information Management 

    (BIM I & II)


    Computer Rules


    BIM I & II Syllabus


      Classroom Procedures 


    How to Succeed at RHS 


    Getting off to a Good Start





     **Please download and login to Gmetrix.net
    Login is the same as your computer. If you don't remember please email me. Complete all Excel assignments except those students who were certified. If you were certified in Excel, continue with Access then PowerPoint.  I will be checking your progress.  You may need a code to get in.  Be sure to try all codes. One of the three codes will work.  Codes are:  08957-IPBIM33-58406, 38078-IPBIM32-47217, 48097-IPBIM31-80149



    Office 2016 Files
     I have Office 2016 Files available for students from a flash drive.
    The file is too big to upload on my website.
    Supplies Needed Everyday:
    1 box of Tissues/Flash Drive/Pencil or Pen/Composition Notebook/ Ear Buds
    Quizlet.com  (flashcards, etc.. to study vocabulary)
    (search for ksorensonbim - click on "looking for quizlet user ksorensonbim - dashboard is a click away!)


Last Modified on March 23, 2020