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    BISD Superintendent Announces Administrative Transfers for 2022–23 

    Sherri Gamble

    Birdville ISD Superintendent Dr. Gayle Stinson announced the appointment of Sherri Gamble as principal of North Richland Middle School. She is replacing Steve Ellis, who is retiring. 

    Gamble has been principal at Foster Village Elementary since 2019. Prior to Foster Village Elementary, she was the assistant principal at Watauga Elementary from 2015–19, assistant principal at Stowe Elementary from 2012–15, the school librarian at Stowe Elementary from 2007–12, and a third- and fifth-grade teacher at Stowe Elementary from 1992–2007.  

    She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from The University of North Texas. 

    Dr. Stinson also announced the administrative transfer of the following assistant principals for the 2022–23 school year. “Moving staff that are highly respected on their campus is always a difficult decision,” Stinson said. “However, these individuals were selected to provide opportunities for personal growth and to offer additional campus experience as they prepare to be a campus principal at a future time in their career. The development of future leaders is one of my top priorities.” 

    Assistant principal changes for the 2022–23 school year include: 

    • Birdville High School 
      • Dr. Divya Tinsman from Haltom High 

    • Richland High School 
      • Frankie Norris from North Ridge Middle 
      • James Hollis from North Richland Middle 

    • North Richland Middle School 
      • Mike Drysdale from Watauga Middle 

    • North Ridge Middle School 
      • Matthew “Colby” Blankenship from Birdville High 

    • Smithfield Middle School 
      • Brian Allen from Haltom Middle
      • Hillary Friday from North Ridge Middle