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    BISD Now Following New CDC Quarantine Guidelines 
    Friday, December 4, 2020

    On Dec. 2, the CDC amended their guidelines to allow for two additional options for the quarantine period, and on Thursday, Dec. 4, the Texas Education Agency announced their alignment with the new CDC guidelines. 

    Quarantine is for individuals who have been in close contact to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. The CDC previously only advised a 14-day stay-at-home (quarantine) period. For individuals experiencing no symptoms, the additional options are: 

    • 10 days after the last close contact (No test required); or 
    • 7 days after the last close contact and after receiving a negative test result, administered no earlier than 5 days since the last close contact. (Proof of a negative test must be provided to the school/work.) 

    If individuals return to school/work from either of these two stay-at-home periods, they should regularly monitor themselves for symptoms to ensure they remain symptom-free and take appropriate precautions for the duration of the 14-days. 

    Campuses will notify families of their child’s return date options. Employees will also be notified of their return date options.