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    September 16, 2020

    BISD Launches COVID-19 Dashboard 

    With the return of students to face-to-face instruction, BISD has created a dashboard (“the Dashboard”) to provide BISD families information about active COVID-19 cases in the District. An “active case” is defined as an individual who has been in a school and test-confirmed to have COVID-19. Individuals who test positive are excluded from participation in any in-person/on-campus activity until the campus nurse verifies that the individual meets the return criteria set by state and local health authorities. Once the individual is cleared to return, they are no longer considered an active case and the case is removed from the Dashboard count.  

    This data will be updated weekly. 

    View dashboard at www.birdvilleschools.net/covid19dashboard 

    How will BISD notify families of test-confirmed COVID-19 cases? 

    Birdville ISD officials understand that many families want to know how they'll be notified when someone from their child's campus has a test-confirmed case of COVID-19.  

    Consistent with school notification requirements for other communicable diseases, and consistent with legal confidentiality requirements, BISD will notify all teachers, staff, and families of all students in a school if a test-confirmed COVID-19 case is identified among students, teachers or staff who participate in any on-campus activities.  

    BISD will use a two-tiered notification process as outlined below: 

    • General Contact 
      Upon confirmation of a test-confirmed COVID-19 case, a letter will be sent to all teachers, staff, and families of students who are assigned to that specific campus. Those receiving this letter will be required to monitor themselves and if they begin to have any COVID-19 symptoms, they will need to quarantine and contact their campus. Everyone on campus receives a letter if a letter has not already been sent in the previous 14 days. 
    • Close Contact 
      Upon confirmation of a test-confirmed COVID-19 case, the Campus COVID-19 Contact Team will begin an investigation. If the results of their investigation determine that close contact was confirmed with any teachers, staff, or students, those specific individuals will receive a letter notifying them that they are required to quarantine. Students and staff who are considered to have close contact receive a phone call and a letter.  

    Q & A about COVID-19 Notifications 

    Q: If my child is considered a close contact of the person who tested positive for COVID-19, how many letters will I receive? 

    1. If your child was determined to have been in close contact with the individual who tested positive, you would receive two letters: the General Contact letter (sent to all families at that school), and the Close Contact letter for those determined to be in close contact with the individual.  

    Q: How much information will we receive about the person who tested positive? 

    1. UPDATED 09/28/2020 Due to privacy laws, BISD cannot release the name of the individual or details that may identify him or her.  

    Q: When will my child be asked to quarantine?  

    1. Based on the current recommendations from health officials, only students who had close contact with a test-confirmed COVID-19 individual will be required to quarantine.