• BISD Transportation

    2020-21 Bus Riders: Health and Safety Update 

    September 11, 2020

    With the start of face-to-face instruction in BISD on Sept. 8, parents are encouraged to take and pick up their child(ren) at school each day. If parents are unable to transport their child(ren) to school, and they qualify for bus transportation, the District does provide bus transportation. However, BISD wants parents to understand that social distancing may NOT always be possible for those riding the bus. On routes where social distancing is not possible, there will be two students per seat in order to be able to run the bus routes.  

    Since social distancing will not always be possible, BISD will require ALL riders to wear a cloth or paper mask while on the bus; when possible, load the bus from back to front and unload the bus from front to back; and leave numerous windows open to help circulate clean air throughout the bus. These safety measures will be followed every day, along with regular cleaning of the bus, to help keep students and staff safe. 

    If you have questions, please contact the Transportation Department at 817-547-5830.