Teaching Philosophy: I believe the purpose of education both in artistic and academic respects, is to charge every student to comprehend information. Art is a method for all students to make responsible, informed decisions about life in a creative way; to broaden horizons; and to develop and explore new academic interests. I strongly believe in connections between content and student learning. I believe instruction helps to facilitate students in expanding their intellectual aptitudes, guides them in solving practical skills. Also, learning about art and art development prepares them to think, feel, imagine, reach for their goals and act competently in an ever changing complex, diverse society. I strive to motivate every student for lifelong learning and continuous growth. For each student must embrace dependable opinions as well as attitudes concerning their lives and their future.

Art Teacher
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    Period 0- art online 7:30-8:18 (zoom's are available through canvas)

    Period 2- Beginning Art 8:25-9:13

    Period 3- Beginning Art 9:20-10:08

    Period 4- Beginning Art 10:15-11:03

    Conference period 11:10-12:00

  • Tutoring available by appointment only.