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    July 31, 2020


    Face-to-Face or Online InstructionWe Hear You 

    BISD hears the frustration of parents and staff over the ever-changing plan to start school. The District understands your frustration because we are frustrated too. The changes being made are a direct result of constantly changing guidelines from state and local agencies. These agencies want the best for the children and staff, and that is why the guidance provided to school districts across the state continues to evolve, and we anticipate changes will continue to come as more is learned about COVID-19.  

    Regardless of your feelings concerning COVID-19it has completely disrupted all our lives

    Here is where we are as of Friday, July 31 

    On Tuesday, July 28, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued legal guidance on school opening for the upcoming school year. This guidance allows the District to reevaluate its plan for the start of face-to-face instruction. BISD’s board of trustees will decide on this matter in early August.  

    What does BISD need from parents?   

    BISD is asking parents to go ahead and register their child(ren) for the 2020–21 school year by Monday, Aug. 10. When you register, please indicate your preference between face-to-face and online instruction for your child(ren). Your selection does not permanently lock you into that choice. By indicating your preference, it allows the District to begin developing plans for classes on the campuses. Again, parents will have the opportunity to change their choice between the two platforms. 

    As BISD finalizes procedures for changing between face-to-face and online, the District will post the details through our various communications channels.