• MAY 17th @ 7pm


    Last year we came up with a creative way to celebrate our seniors and everyone liked it so much it will become a tradition for our campus! The Senior Drive Thru will take place on Monday, May 17th at 7pm in the BHS Teacher Parking Lot (off of Hawk Ave) and the Student/FAAC Parking Lot (off of Mid Cities Blvd & Precinct Line).

    Our faculty & staff will park their cars in the teacher parking lot to cheer on the seniors as they "drive thru" and our parents, family, friends, and community members will park their cars in the student/FAAC parking lot to cheer on the seniors as they "drive thru". We need to space out our seniors as they arrive to go through the route because 400+ vehicles arriving in our parking lot at the exact same time is not feasible, so please adhere to the arrival times by last name as indicated below.

    We look forward to celebrate our Class of 2021 graduates with the community!  GO HAWKS!!!



    Please consult the images for the route. Starting point begins in the Teacher Parking Lot.

    Arriving times (by last name of senior):

    -          A to B - arrive at 7:00pm

    -          C to F - arrive at 7:05pm

    -          G to K - arrive at 7:10pm

    -          L to O - arrive at 7:15pm

    -          P to R - arrive at 7:20pm

    -          S to T - arrive at 7:25pm

    -          U to Z - arrive at 7:30pm


    Everyone must stay in their vehicles for appropriate social distancing measures. If you drive a truck or similar vehicle where you can sit in the back - that is completely fine.

    Seniors can wear their caps & gowns if they want, but just remember you will be in your cars driving through - that is totally up to you.


    Several parents have reached out asking if they drive their senior through the parade instead of parking in the FAAC lot to cheer on their graduate... either way is fine with us. You can park in the student lot and cheer them on or you can drive them through the parade... choose whatever works best for you and your family.


    Parking lots will be open early for anyone that wants to come in and decorate/set up beforehand.


    Senior Drive Thru Map 

    We will need volunteers to help clean up after the senior parade is complete.  If you can help and would like to volunteer to help clean up the parking lot, please send an email to jason.wells@birdvilleschools.net.

Starting point: TEACHER PARKING LOT (west end of campus) - All BHS Faculty & Staff - Seniors will proceed down lane behind the school (south side of campus) down to the student /FAAC parking lot

2nd Part of Route

STUDENT/FAAC PARKING LOT (east end of campus) - All BHS Parents, Community Members, etc. - Seniors will follow the route indicated on the maps

1st Part of Route
Senior Drive Thru