Pandemic Parenting A Virtual Confrence
  • Pandemic Parenting

    April 20-23 | Daily On-Demand Videos


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    If you are a parent trying to juggle all the new responsibilities dropped in you lap by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Pandemic Parenting Virtual Conference is YOUR event. Welcome!

    It’s a fact. Our world is changing FAST. And that is why every minute of every day for the last several weeks millions of parents, just like you, have been searching the internet for solutions, for protection, and for guidance. NOW is your opportunity to educate, guide, and protect your children! 

    Not Sure Where to Start?  Our current reality makes a few things painfully obvious.
    • Does your family life feel chaotic?
    • Do you children seem confused or stressed?
    • Are you overwhelmed with new responsibilities, negative news, and uncertainty?
    • Is it a struggle to work, parent, and teach at the same time?

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