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    Online Virtual Conferencing Expectations

    In an effort to provide our students with the best online learning experience available, Birdville ISD has partnered with ZOOM, an online service that provides audio/HD video conferencing options designed for use in the K–12 classroom setting. Zoom apps are available for Apple and Android devices, as well as a desktop application.

    To ensure a positive online learning experience for all, students must meet the following expectations while participating in their online classroom:

    • When you enter your Zoom classroom meeting, please have your video showing and your microphone (mic) MUTED.

    • There is no tolerance for talking over the teacher, using crude language, or disrespecting the teacher or other students.

    • Keep your mic muted unless the teacher calls on you, or after you raise your hand and it’s your turn to speak.

    • There is a chat room with Zoom. Please DO NOT type in the chat room unless the teacher asks a question to which you are responding.

    • The first five minutes of a Zoom meeting will be used to take roll and make sure everyone is present. Please be prompt and come prepared to discuss and learn.

    • All windows on your computer should be closed except for your work and the Zoom website.

    • Students should be dressed appropriately while using Zoom.

    • Zoom meetings will be recorded. Everything you say or do will be recorded. You are expected to use appropriate classroom behavior while you are in Zoom.