• Adult Education at BISD wants to help students achieve their educational and occupational goals all along the way. Students who still need to work on fundamentals should be enrolled in our general, or traditional classes, which offer English as a Second Language as well as GED preparation or Adult Basic Education. But for students looking for help with more advanced or specific skills, we offer a number of different courses.

  • English for Professionals

    • This class is for people who graduated from university in their country and who want to improve their English before finding work in the US, while moving up in their career, or continuing their education at college, university, or in training. In the class, we learn English through talking about work-culture in the US and the skills you need to find employment. As part of this course, we offer free degree translation and evaluation.

    Integrated Education and Training

    • These free job certification classes are a partnership between private training companies and our educational agency. In these classes, students participate in workforce training to obtain a specific job certification. The courses currently being offered include Phlebotomy, Certified Nurse Aide, and Microsoft Office Specialist (Word and Excel). Classes being developed include Entrepreneurship, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator, Logistics, and more. Although space is limited and enrollment is competitive, most of these classes operate on monthly or bi-monthly registration. Not all students who apply will be eligible.

    Transitions to College

    • This class is open to most people who are interested in continuing their education with enrollment in college or university. It is intended for individuals who have graduated high school, or who have obtained or are working toward their HSE/GED, as well as advanced English learners. The subjects include understanding the process or college enrollment, and practice with skills for taking courses at the college level. As part of this class, students register with Tarrant County College, preparing them for enrollment and giving them access to the college's facilities.

    Transitions to Training

    • This class is intended for people who need to develop their basic skills before enrolling in a job training program Transitions to Training, or bridge classes, offer various enrollment hours depending on the student's liklihood of success at registration, based on test scores and other qualitative features as determined by the Career Pathways Navigator. Bridge classes offer basic skills revision and introductory coursework related to the training the student plans on entering.

    Civics and Citizenship

    • The English Language and Civics class helps students learn the basic and more advanced skills needed to function effectively as parents, workers, and citizens in the United States. In this class, students study citizenship information including the English language, US history, government, and culture. This class is open to all levels, but is intended for intermediate to advanced level students who plan to take the citizenship exam in the near future.

    Workplace Literacy

    • Workplace Literacy courses are offered for employees of specific businesses in the community. All classes are mixed with people of high and low English language proficiency. Current classes are English as a Second Language and Civics. Students who complete the class will receive a certificate from us, and may receive other incentives from their company.
  • Intensive courses have open enrollment. Students should contact the number above or the Career Pathways Navigator to set up a time for registration. Students interested in a training program may be required to enter into a Transitions to Training course first. All students in Workplace Literacy courses must be employed by the business partner offering the course.