• The deadline to complete this form for the first semester is Friday, September 18th. 

    EIC (LOCAL) Audit (GPA Exempt information)

    For the purposes of this regulation, an audited elective course is described as:

    • A GPA exempt course which will not be used in the calculation of GPA and class rank.
    • A course which will be designated on the transcript as a GPA exempt course.
    • Students will receive a numerical grade all year on the report card and the grade earned will be used to determine eligibility for participation in all UIL or school-sponsored activities.
    • A course which will be listed on a student’s academic transcript with a credit awarded.

    Audit eligibility:

    • Students must have an overall 80% or better average in the prerequisite course for the elective courses for which they are seeking a waiver.
    • Students must maintain an 80% or better average in the GPA exempt course to qualify and maintain GPA exempt eligibility.
    • Students must obtain approval from their parents, teachers of the course, and the counselor.
    • Students may take up to three (3) credits on a GPA exempt basis.

    Enrollment in an audited courses:

    • Complete the GPA Exempt application
    • Submit the application to the counselor no later than the end of the third (3rd) week of each semester.  At that time, if all criteria are met, it will be approved and a course change will be made to reflect enrollment in a GPA exempt course.
    • Once the student makes the decision to take a course as GPA exempt, the decision is final and cannot be changed.
    • Students enrolled in full-year courses do not need to reapply during the second semester.
    • Students, including move-in students, who miss the deadline for application for the first semester, may apply for exemption for the second semester if they meet the criteria.

    Students are encouraged to pursue their areas of special talents and interest to enrich their academic experience.  Courses may be taken on a GPA exempt basis that have been approved by the district.  The following courses have been identified as GPA-exempt eligible:


    Accounting 2 (Not Dual Credit)

    Advanced Animation

    Advanced Audio Production 2

    Advanced Floral Design

    Advanced Graphic Design

    Advanced Interior Design

    Advanced Video Production 2

    Art 2-4 (On-level only)

    ASL 3-4

    Athletics 2-4

    Auto Tech 2-3

    AVID 2-4

    Band 2-4

    Business Information Management 2

    Cheerleading 2-4

    Choir 2-4

    CISCO Internetworking 2

    Clinical Rotation 2

    Colorguard 2-4

    Computer Technician

    Construction Tech 2-4

    Cosmetology 2

    Culinary Arts 2

    Dance 2-4

    Drill Team 2-4

    Extended Practicum in Education and Training

    Fashion Design 2

    Firefighter 2

    Game Design 2-3

    Instrumental Ensemble 2-4

    Jazz Band 2-4

    Law Enforcement 2

    Musical Theatre 2-4

    Newspaper 2-3

    PALS 2

    PE 2-4

    Practicum Audio Production 3

    Practicum Business Management 2

    Practicum in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (Vet Med 2)

    Practicum in Education and Training

    Practicum in Hospitality Services

    Practicum of Marketing Dynamics 2

    Practicum Video Production 3

    Robotics 2

    Rocket Engineering 2

    ROTC 2-4

    Sports Medicine 2-3

    Technical Theatre 2-4

    Theatre Arts 2-4

    Vocal Ensemble 2--4

    Yearbook 2-3