Google Classroom

Google Classroom Information

  • To sign up for Google Classroom, go to 

    You must sign into Google using your school Google account. The naming convention for it is as follows:

    first 3 letters of first name

    middle initial

    first 3 letters of last name

    last 2 number lunch number

    last 2 numbers students ID

    So, a John E Smith with the ID# 1111111, graduating in 2020 would be as follows:

    Your password is your 8 digit birthday.

    If you have not joined the class, use the class tokens below:

    1st Period: 26bvht

    3rd Period: ydgchn

    5th Period: z2u9ebo

    6th Period: wpxfp4k

    7th Period: 97f9oj


    You may access Google classroom on your phone, but will need to download the following apps: Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Google Docs.

    Parents, if you would like Guardian Access to your student's Google Classroom, please email me at