• Dollars and Sense


    All vocabulary and tests will be on Quizlet.com.  Be sure to search for ipereira and look for the folder Dollars and Sense.




    Update 4/1/2020:  Students, if you failed a module I will delete your failing grades for a better grade.  I'm giving you a second chance!  Please take the assignments serious.  Update 4/23/2020:  We will finish the rest of the modules for the last 6 weeks.  


    **Students please login to Money Skills and complete one module a day.  I will be checking your progress and picking up your grades.  Your login is the same as your computer login.  If you have any questions, please email me.










    Computer Rules

    Supplies:1 box of Tissues, Ear Buds, Flash Drive, Pen or Pencil and Notebook





Last Modified on April 23, 2020