• Standards for membership in the National Junior Honor Society




    Selection is based on five criteria: scholarship, leadership, character, service and citizenship.

    Qualified students in residence all of the semester preceding the selection process shall be considered for membership.


    1. Student academic records shall be reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility. A list of names shall be posted for one designated week. Students whose names may have been inadvertently omitted from the list may contact the advisor. Students (both seventh and eighth graders) will be invited to become members of the National Junior Honor Society during the spring semester. 


    2. A student must have an accumulative weighted numerical grade average of a ninety-two(92) or above in core academic classes(English language arts/reading, mathematics, science, and social studies) beginning with the sixth(6th) grade to be eligible scholastically. For the purpose of determining scholastic eligibility, applicable grades are weighted according to the following standards: Pre-AP courses - 1.10, on-level courses- 1.00, all modified courses for which curriculum content or performance level is substantially modified below on-level standards--.75. (Note: Being assigned to a special education course does not automatically trigger the .75 weighting.) 


    3. Scholastically eligible students may obtain and complete a Student Activity Information Form as the next step in the selection process. The five-member faculty council for selection shall review these information forms as one consideration. All students desiring consideration for membership shall return the information by the designated deadline. These forms shall reflect students' interest in membership and shall provide information on leadership and service activities. 


    4. All faculty members shall be offered the opportunity to give input on eligible candidates in the areas of service, character, and leadership. Faculty member input shall be accomplished by completing an Evaluation Sheet for National Junior Honor Society. Negative responses shall be supported by documentation. The teacher input shall be completed during a week designated by the advisor. Faculty input, it is important to note, shall be used only as the basis of consideration by the faculty council. The majority vote of the faculty council shall represent the ultimate selection for chapter membership as required by the National Constitution of National Junior Honor Society.