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    Open Enrollment Transfer Application Lottery Information for All Students


    The application for Schools With A Specialization and Open Enrollment is currently closed. Both applications will reopen on August 1, 2017. Please review our website for the most current information.
    Eligible Schools with a Specialization applicants will be selected through a lottery, based on space availability.
    General Overview

    Starting with the 2017–18 school year, BISD will introduce programs at selected campuses as part of the Schools with a Specialization initiative. These programs go above and beyond the state-required curriculum, and are designed to broaden a student’s educational experience by providing concentrated study in a specific area of interest.

    This General Overview is limited to the approved Schools with a Specialization for students in grades K–8.

    Schools with a Specialization will begin at three BISD campuses.  Based on feedback from parents and community leaders, BISD will expand the initiative with additional programs on other campuses in the coming years. 

    In August 2017:

    ·  North Richland Middle School (grades 6–8) will open as the only nationally STEM-certified middle school campus (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics);

    ·   Richland Middle School (grades 6–8) will have a specialization in Leadership;

    ·   Birdville Elementary (grades K–5) will have a Fine Arts specialization.

    These elementary and middle schools will be open for transfer for students both inside and outside BISD boundaries using the Schools with a Specialization Open Enrollment Transfer Application process.

    There is NO tuition fee for non-resident (out-of-district) students for the current school year; however, this waiver may be reviewed in successive years.

    Schools with a Specialization in-district transfer applications require approval by the campus principal. Students who wish to transfer may apply through the Schools with a Specialization Open Enrollment process in grade levels that are open.

    Factors that will determine whether a campus is available for Schools with a Specialization Open Enrollment transfers include, but are not limited to: building capacity, current program or campus enrollment, growth projections, grade level enrollments, teacher allocations, professional staff allocations, and the student’s academic, behavior, and attendance histories.

    At a designated date, a lottery will be held, after which all qualifying students will either be assigned to a campus or placed on a waiting list until space is available.

    All parents will be notified of student acceptance or waiting list placement no later than April 10, 2017.

    All approved transfers shall be granted for one school year at a time. Those participating in Schools with a Specialization Open Enrollment must reapply annually.


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