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  • Open Enrollment Transfer Information‒All Students
    (Residents and Non-Residents of the Birdville District)
    General Overview
    The application for Schools With A Specialization and Open Enrollment is currently closed. Please review our website for the most current information.
    Because many BISD campuses were at or over capacity starting with the 2015–16 school year, the District began restricting open enrollment.
    The intent of this change was to:
    1. return current BISD students to their home campus/feeder pattern based on District boundaries; and
    2. continue restricting open enrollment students from outside BISD to only those campuses where space is available. With this in mind, the following procedures are in effect for the 2017–18 school year:
      • Current prekindergarten students will be required to return to their home campuses for kindergarten.
      • Per Board policy, exceptions are made if the parent is a BISD employee, or if an older sibling will be in attendance at the same campus.
      • All grade levels are still open to all BISD students at their home campuses.
      • Due to space limitations, Open Enrollment for grades 6–12 will be closed to in-district students, unless the parent is a BISD employee or the student meets the older sibling exception. Open enrollment students attending a BISD middle or high school campus during the 2014–15 school year may continue attending their current campus/feeder pattern through high school, as long as they meet the criteria below.
      • Open enrollment fifth-grade students who live within the BISD boundaries will be required to return to the feeder middle school unless the parent is a BISD employee or an older sibling will be in attendance at the same campus during the 2017–18 school year.
    Factors that will determine whether a campus is available for Open Enrollment transfers include, but are not limited to: building capacity, current program or campus enrollment, growth projections, grade-level enrollments, teacher allocations, professional staff allocations, and the student’s academic, behavior, and attendance history.

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