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Earning GT Credit

  • 30 Hours of GT Training:

    All pre-AP teachers, AP teachers, elementary GT Cluster teachers and Gifted and Talented Interventionists must have completed the initial 30 hour GT training  prior to or during the first semester of serving GT students. The 30 hours are broken into the following strands:


    • 6 hours of Nature and Needs (NN) of Gifted Learners (Module 1)

    • 6 hours of Social and Emotional (SE) of Gifted Learners (Module 2)

    • 6 hours of Identification and Assessment (IA) of Gifted Learners (Module 3)

    • 6 hours of Differentiated Curriculum (DC) of Gifted Learners (Module 4)

    • 6 hous of Creativity and Instructional Strategies (CIS) of Gifted Learners (Module 5)


    Modules 1, 2, and 3 are offered in an online format through Canvas.  Use the links below to register in these modules:

    Module 1: Nature & Needs


    Module 2: Social & Emotional Needs


    Module 3: Identification & Assessment


    Modules 4 and 5 are offered in a "live" training during the school year.  Use the links below to register to attend these modules:

    Module 4-Differentiated Curriculum (October 22, 2019)  **link currently inactive


    Module 5-Creativity & Instructional Strategies (November 12, 2019)  **link currently inactive



    6 Hour updates

    All Administrators, Counselors, and cluster teachers (who have completed the 30-hour training) must maintain a 6-hour annual update. Update hours are earned and applied to the current school year.


    Elementary Cluster Teachers:  Birdville ISD is developing a common 6-hour update that all cluster teachers will complete on campus during the 2019-2020 school year.  

    Secondary Honors/PAP teachers and AP teachers:  Some trainings that you attend during the summer such as APSI and AP Institute will give you 6 hours of GT credit.  If you did not attend a training with GT credit attached to it, you can access the common 6-hour update here.  **link currently inactive


    In-District vs. Out of District Hours:  

    • If your credit is from In-District Professional Development (you registered in Workshop and signed in), then BISD will automatically add the credit to your transcript.

    • If your credit is from Out of District Professional Development (ie TAGT On Demand, hours earned in previous district), you will need to upload documentation of the hours and request credit.  Click here for instructions to upload documentation and request credit for Out of District hours.




    Elementary contact: Stacye Onstott at or extension 5769

    Secondary contact:  Julie Hyman at or extension 5809