• Howdy, y'all!
    I'm excited for another year in ACCESS 1. I'm a graduate from University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor's in Special Education. My passion for Special Education started in high school when I observed in a PPCD classroom several times a week for a year; my passion continued in college as I got the privilege to work as a caregiver for a middle school boy with profound disabilities for two and a half years. Those two and a half years significantly impacted me as an educator and have also helped me to see the importance of communication with parents/guardians about their children's strengths and progress. 
    Parents - Our classroom is peanut free this year! Please, don't send peanut products in your child's meals or snacks. Also, feel free to call or e-mail me anytime with concerns, questions, or updates about your child! 
    Conference period - 3rd period (9-10am)
    Phone extension - 7123 
    E-mail - carrie.delmare@birdvilleschools.net 

    School Supply list:

    • 1 inch 3 ring binder - this will be used for a daily communication log about your child!
    • Snack - optional; there will be an opportunity for your child to have a snack in the afternoon.
    • Clorox wipes (or off brand)
    • Lysol spray (or off brand)
    • Diapers/Pull ups/wipes for your child  - if your child uses pull ups or diapers then these will be stored in your child's basket in the bathroom.
    • An extra change of clothes to be kept at school. 
    • Any donations of commonly used cooking/kitchen items (unopened flour, sugar, lightly used pans/spatulas/etc.) would be greatly appreciated!