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    Mrs. Nadia De La Cruz
      4th grade Reading, ELA and Social Studies Teacher
    Conference Time
    Class Schedule 
    8:00am-8:10am Welcome
    8:10am-8:20am Announcements
    8:20am-9:45am Block 1 (Homeroom)
    9:50am-10:40am Specials
    10:40am-10:45am Restroom Break
    10:45am-11:15am Writing (Homeroom)
    11:15am-12:15pm WIN 
    12:15pm-12:25pm Restroom Break
    12:25pm-12:55pm Lunch 
    12:55pm-1:25pm Writing (Homeroom)
    1:25pm Switch
    1:30pm-2:55pm Block 2 (Partner)
    2:55pm Switch
    2:55pm-3:05pm Pack Up
    3:05pm-3:25pm Recess
    3:25pm Dismissal
    To Be Scheduled 

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