How to Access the U.S. History Online Textbook

    1. Click on "online textbook" link on my webpage

    2. Click on the "Pearson Easybridge Plus & Auto" link.

    3. Search for "BIRDVILLE ISD INREGRATED", select it from the menu and then click "GO".

    4. Log in using your school log in information (the same you use to log on to a school computer).

    5. On the right-hand menu, click the "Pearson Realize" button.

    6. To access the textbook, clickon the "United States History: 1877 to Present Texas" in your programs.


    And....tada you have online access.

    Once you complete this process for the first time it will be easier to access the textbook in the future. After you have completed this process you will be able to access this textbook via most internet enabled devices--such as cellphones, tablets, ipads (and of course computers and laptops).

Students Access the Online Textbook (Pearson)