• Spring 2017 Adult Education class information
    Courses offered:

    Adult Basic Education (ABE) (Pre-GED/HSE) – These classes range from basic literacy classes that teach adults how to read to pre-high school level material to help adults toward earning a high school diploma (GED) or high school equivalency (HSE).

    Adult Secondary Education (GED/HSE) – These classes help adults that are almost ready to take the high school equivalency test (GED/HSE) and prepare them to succeed on the test.

    English Language Acquisition (ELA – ESL) – These classes help adults learn how to speak English.

    Transitions / Dual Enrollment / Certificate ProgramsThese are programs for high level students that may not have earned their high school diploma yet, but have sufficient skills to be enrolled in a Trade or Certificate program through TCCD and earn their high school diploma and a certificate in an employable trade.