• Birdville Center of Technology and Advanced Learning
    is affiliated with
    Educators Rising
    Texas Association of Future Educators
    Chapter Advisors:
    Karen Kallas
    Phone:  817-547-3886
    Cell: 817-269-7998
    Susan Stevens
    Phone: 817-547-3889
    Cell: 817-233-9292
    T.A.F.E. is a student leadership organization that offers high school students the opportunity to explore careers in education.  Workshops, contests, scholarships, retreats, and other activities allow students are made available to members at the local, region and state level in 235 chapters.  For more information, visit tafeonline.org.
    Educators Rising is the national affiliate of T.A.F.E. that is dedicated to supporting young people interested in education-related careers.  Its members are are given personal growth opportunities to develop the traits and skills found in high-quality leaders.  For more information, visit educatorsrising.org