5th Grade Homework Policy

         In fifth grade we follow the district policy that homework is an important part of the learning process that extends, enriches, and reinforces academic concepts and skills to enhance achievement. Homework is a necessary part of the instructional process that begins in the classroom, extends into the home, and provides a way for parents to become aware of the instructional program and their child’s educational process.

    We follow the makeup policy that the district has in place.

    Make-Up Work:

     It is the responsibility of the INDIVIDUAL STUDENT to make arrangements with each teacher for makeup work following each absence.


     1 absent- 2 days to make up work from date back in school

     2 absents -3 days to make up work from date back in school

     3 absences -4 days to make up work from date back in school

    4 absences -5 days to make up work from date back in school


    To coordinate make-up work for all content areas, check with the school office. Students will not be given make-up work ahead of time when parents remove their children for trips during the school days. Make-up work will be completed when students return. If make-up work is assigned and turned in within the number of days permitted, it will be graded, and full credit will be given. In grades two through five, if a student has not had sufficient time to make up work at the end of a grading period, a grade of incomplete shall be assigned until assessment is completed. If a student receives an incomplete (I) grade for excessive absences at the end of the semester, he/she shall complete all make-up work within five (5) school days. At the end of the five (5) school days, if the work is not complete, the incomplete becomes a zero, and the NC becomes loss of credit on the student’s record. Students missing a class as a result of their participation in the elementary gifted education program are not required or expected to complete the class work assigned to the rest of the class for the time they are attending GT classes. However, students are expected to demonstrate mastery of required grade level standards. This will be determined through district Curriculum Based Assessments.



        We are departmentalized, so each teacher has a different way they may deliver homework. Please if possible purchase a planner, sign up for Reading & Math reminds, and most of all check SKYWARD weekly to see any missing assignments. We are preparing your scholar for middle school and teaching responsibility.


    Math-(Hester) Work is assigned daily, always due the next day. You Tube tutorials of work are on her website.

    Reading-(Cassady) Reading logs are done in the “Reading Notebook” This is a short summary of a book they have read. The book is their choice. Due by Wednesday. This is a part of their book discussion, daily grade for participation and being prepared for class.

    Most of my grades are comes from work in the classroom and participating. There will be Pre/Post test given on certain Reading strategies that we are learning how to use in reading, that help us comprehend. I will be assigning projects later in the year. Those due dates will be communicated.

    Spelling –(Riski) Spelling is every 2 weeks. It will usually be assigned on a Monday, unless there is a holiday. Then it will be on a Tuesday. (Example: Words are given on Monday, test will be in 2 weeks on a Monday or next day after a holiday.)

    Science- (Whitehurst) If a scholar did not complete in work in class.


    Grading of late work:

    Students may be assessed a penalty of no more than 10 points per day for up to (3) days before a ZERO may be given (on the 4th day for work not turned in on time. This is work that has been assigned a prior due date. The policy does not address daily homework assignments that are to be given one day which are due the next day. This does not include in class assignments. (These are at the discretion of the teacher.) If a scholar is not willing to work and use time wisely, a zero may be assigned and parent notified.


    **Working lunch-We will offer a working lunch if a scholar did not finish class work, homework, or choosing to want to work during lunch. This is where the scholar eats their lunch, while working on assignments. There will always be a movement time after lunch in situations.

    **If your scholar has accommodations, we follow the plan assigned by the resource teacher or PASS/TEAMS (IEP) and the above may not apply.