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  • RHS Marching Band Wins the 2016 Lone Star Preview Marching Contest  (OCT2016)


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  • BISD Singers Advance in All-State Competition  (SEPT2016)

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  • BISD Succeeds at Region Jazz Auditions  (SEPT2016)

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  • Two BISD bands are honored by The Foundation for Music Education  (SEPT2016)

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  • Richland High School 2016 Graduation
    #BISDShines #WeAreBirdvilleISD

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  • Top 12 graduates of 2016 Birdville ISD graduating classes


    1. Nina Flores (Val)
    2. Taylor Campbell (Sal)
    3. Elizabeth Feray
    4. Liam Rhodes
    5. Miranda Shaw
    6. Trishan Patel
    7. Mckenna Selby
    8. Jaladhi Shukla
    9. Sara Kopenec
    10. Preston Seebock
    11. Ryan Gibbons
    12. Charles Kugler



    1. Phimvaly Sarawichitr (Val)
    2. Anh Q Nguyen (Sal)
    3. Anna Dorack
    4. Paul Kazadi
    5. Justin Bishop
    6. Teresa Vu
    7. Quynh Ve
    8. Alexandra Hawes
    9. Gerardo Velasquez Jr.
    10. Benjamin Sarawichitr
    11. Moriah Withem
    12. Asia Clarkson


    1. Elisa Andrews (Val)
    2. Hina Hussain (Sal)
    3. Ruth Kingsbury
    4. Bradley Pipes
    5. Anna Polk
    6. Sarah Jones
    7. Elizabeth Thari
    8. Nayzak Najm
    9. Mai Nguyen
    10. Mir Ali
    11. Ruby Ponce
    12. Deborah Losonczy  (MAY2016)



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  • Congratulations to Birdville ISD National Merit Students

    Birdville High School

    National Merit Finalist
    Jacob Brown
    Elizabeth Feray

    National Merit Commended
    Taylor Campbell
    David Durden
    Brandon Holmes
    Jessica Peterson
    Matthew Reddy
    Preston Seebock

    National Merit Hispanic Scholar
    Taylor Campbell

    Haltom High School

    National Merit Commended
    Sebastian Cox

    National Merit Hispanic Scholar
    Layney Luis
    Gerardo Velasquez

    Richland High School

    National Merit Finalist
    Anna Polk

    National Merit Commended
    Christopher Dobbins
    Hina Hussain
    Sarah Jones
    Ruth Kingsbury
    Bradley Pipes
    Dylan White

    National Merit Hispanic Scholar
    Jose Garcia  (MAY2016)


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  • Twenty BISD Students Qualify for State STEM Competition

    The Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering’s 31st Annual State STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Competition was recently held in San Antonio. This event brought together high performing students from across the state to challenge their math and science skills and connect with a network of peers and mentors across Texas and beyond.

    Twenty students from Birdville ISD qualified to attend this prestigious competition. They are:

    Sebastiene Cox                        Grade 12          Haltom High School

    Shalkh Sakib                            Grade 12          Richland High School

    José Garcia                              Grade 12          Richland High School

    Alexander Ban                         Grade 11           Richland High School

    Arianne Alvarez                        Grade 11           Richland High School

    Sorin Pena                               Grade 10          Haltom High School

    David Serrato                           Grade 10          Richland High School

    Tin Ha                                     Grade 9            Richland High School

    Sivisaran Meheswaranathan       Grade 9            Richland High School

    Grace DiSalvi                            Grade 9            Richland High School

    Obed Gonzalez                         Grade 8             Haltom Middle School

    Josue Vanegas                         Grade 8             Haltom Middle School

    Tai Ha                                     Grade 8             North Richland Middle School

    Anahi Ornelas                           Grade 8             North Ridge Middle School

    Abigail Nashed                          Grade 8             North Ridge Middle School

    Maile DiPaula                            Grade 7             North Ridge Middle School

    Yasmin Torres                           Grade 7             Haltom Middle School

    Tuongvy Ha                              Grade 7             North Richland Middle School

    Eduardo Dominguez                   Grade 6             North Oaks Middle School

    Elaine Zhu                                 Grade 6             North Oaks Middle School  (MAY2016)


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  • Area Musical Award Nominations Announced

    Congratulations to BISD high school fine arts programs for inclusion in award nominations for both the Betty Buckley Awards and the Dallas Summer Musicals High School Musical Awards. Nominations are:

    Best Play
    Birdville High School, A Piece of My Heart
    Best Musical
    Haltom High School, Westside Story

    Richland High School, Beauty & the Beast
    Best Male Actor in a Musical
    Harrison Cram, Birdville High School
    Best Female Actor in a Musical
    Kayla Jeffries, Richland High School
    Marissa Suazo, Haltom High School
    Best Male Supporting Actor in a Musical
    Xavier Baker, Birdville High School
    Clay Morgan, Richland High School
    Best Female Supporting Actor in a Musical
    Patience Dotson, Haltom High School
    Best Student Lighting Design
    Zach Arb, Haltom High School
    Best Student Sound Design
    John Watters, Haltom High School
    Rachel Waddell, Richland High School
    Best Student Scenic Design
    Zach Arb & Ty Wood, Haltom High School
    Honda Garcia, Richland High School
    Best Student Costume Design
    Livia Morgan, Birdville High School
    Elizabeth Allison, Richland High School
    Best Student Orchestra
    Richland High School, Beauty & The Beast



    Birdville High School (the only BISD participating school)
    Best Featured Actor
    Luke Flowers
    Best Featured Actress
    Olivia Simms
    Best Musical Direction
    Best Direction
    Best Supporting Actress
    Hannah Detrick  (MAY2016)


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  • High School Artists Receive State Honors

    Congratulations to the 40 high school artists from BISD that traveled to San Antonio to compete in this year's State VASE competition. These students’ 49 artworks advanced from the regional event with most receiving the highest rating possible from state adjudicators. Of the approximately 25,000 students that compete in the VASE competition each year, less than one percent receive the ultimate distinction of a Gold Seal Award for their artwork. BISD is proud to give special recognition to these high school artists who received a 2016 Gold Seal Award:


    • Macey Brown (BHS 11th grade)
    • Kathleen Haklar (RHS 9th grade)
    • Helen Le (RHS 11th grade)
    • Lasamy Sarawichitr (HHS 10th grade)
    • Meagan Watkins (BHS 10th grade)



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  • Congratulations to Rebecca Schelen, Richland High School student, for her winning submission in the local Barnes & Noble My Favorite Teacher Contest  

    Congratulations to Rebecca Schelen, Richland High School student, for her winning submission in the local Barnes & Noble My Favorite Teacher Contest. The local winner advances to a national drawing to be held in April. The winning teacher is Patrick Kelley. Pictured from left are Mark Allan Brown, Community Business Development Manager of Barnes and Noble, Hurst; Rebecca Shelen; and Patrick Kelley. (APR2016)



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  • RHS Dance Receives Numerous Awards  

    Congratulations to Richland High School’s Dance Department and instructors Nicole Numa and Amber Martin who received numerous awards at this year’s National International Competition hosted by American Dance Drill Team at The University of North Texas. Special individual recognition goes to senior Kandace Tuttle for being selected as the “2016 Miss National High Kick” from over 200 auditioners.  Additional highlights include:


    • Elite Ensemble – First Place
    • Officer Hip Hop – First Place
    • Team Jazz – First Place
    • Team Kick – First Place
    • Team Prop – First Place  (APR2016)




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  • Richland High’s Dance/Drill Team Wins American Dance/Drill Team’s Galveston Island Festival

    Congratulations to Richland High School’s Dance Department and Dixie Belles Drill Team for their accomplishments at the American Dance/Drill Team’s (ADDT) Galveston Island Festival. The Dixie Belles was named "Best of the Best" as the top-scoring dance team out of 50 competing schools. Honors included Kandace Tuttle, first place Solo; Alyssa Andrews and Jazmine Hampton, first place Duet; RHS Elite Ensemble, Best In Class (Medium); Dixie Belles officers, first place Officer Trophy; Dixie Belles officers and team, Best Overall Technique; and all routines entered, Judges Award. (MAR2016)


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  • Congratulations to the five Richland High School students who made the All-State Band

    Congratulations to the five Richland High School students who made the All-State Band. They are Vicky Murillo, oboe; Quinton Hackworth, saxophone; Brandon Ford, bass clarinet; Josh Pruett, clarinet; and Daniel Christensen, trumpe (FEB2016)


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  • Stage West Theatre Announces Neighborhood Play Contest Winners

    Congratulations to several BISD aspiring middle school and high school playwrights who were recently announced as winners of the Stage West Theatre's Neighborhood Play Contest. These students’ plays will be professionally produced and directed by Stage West during Festival of the Kid 2016. To see the complete list of winners as well as information on Festival of the Kid performance dates and times, go to

    Contest Winners

    • "The First Encounter” by Isabella Suazo, Watauga Middle School 
    • “Angela” by Shannon McGaheyRichland High School
    • “Should I?” by Brittany Mock, Watauga Middle School
    • “The Fourth Wall” by Josh Leeming and Jaden Cox, Watauga Middle School
    • “Originality is a Lie” by Nathan Young, Haltom High School
    • “Chains” by Kadin Thomas, Haltom High School 


    Finalists/Honorable Mentions

    • “The Destruction of Annie” by Caty Suazo, Haltom High School
    • “The Most Beautiful Smile in Kansas City” by AnnaLisa Perricone, Haltom High School  


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  • Congratulations to Richland High School senior baseball players Wes Allen and J.J. Flores

    Congratulations to Richland High School senior baseball players Wes Allen and J.J. Flores on signing their National Letters of Intent. Wes will play next year at Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina, Kansas, and J.J. will play next year at Panola College in Carthage, Texas. Pictured with Wes and J.J. are Richland baseball coach Kyle Mickles, head coach Chuck Wells, and coach Wes Hunter. (Jan 2016)


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  • 2016 BISD Texas All State Musicians Announced

    Congratulations to the 16 BISD high school band and choir members who were selected as Texas All State musicians after completing their final audition in Midland-Odessa. After successfully navigating through multiple auditions spanning several months, these band and choir members have achieved the highest honor an individual high school musician can attain in Texas. These students will travel to San Antonio in February to participate in clinics and concerts during the Texas Music Educators association annual convention.  (Jan. 2016)






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  • BISD Singers Succeed at Regional Level

    Congratulations to BISD high school choir members who recently participated in region choir auditions and were selected as members of one of the three elite region choirs.  These students will perform on Nov. 21 at the Mansfield ISD Performing Arts Center.  Members of the All-Region Choir will be preparing for their third level of auditions to become members of the 2016 Texas All-State Choir.


    All-Region Choir 2015

    Birdville HS:  Faith Adams, Emory Arnold, Sean Cazier, Hannah Detrick, Dennis Gartman, Jr., Shali Hartman, Halie Moore, Zane Motlagh, Logan Perrin, Jared Burleson (Alternate) and Jordan Joe (Alternate)

    Haltom HS:  Haley Clark, Marion DeGuzman, Abigail Del Cristo, Thomas Jones, Marcus Medina, Alejandro Narvaez, Marissa Suazo, Cody Vital, Katlyn White and Tristan Langrehr (Alternate)

    Richland HS: Carlie Hagar, Sarah Jones, Braden Kelley, Moriah Khalil, Josh Legge, Destiny Pope, Alivia Atkinson (Alternate), Kayla Jefferies (Alternate) and Ruth Kingsbury (Alternate)


    All-District Choir 2015

    Birdville HS:  Xavier Baker, Jeremiah Brand, Audrey Ham, Trey Harmening and Macy Hartman

    Haltom HS: Jesus Castillo, Lisi Greenlee, Amara Holcombe, Kennan Lukacs, Zachariah Medina and Shelby Siefkas

    Richland HS:  Ashley Dickerson, Caleb Dollarhide, Christopher Farrell, Hina Hussain, Tolisi Kioa and Caleb Pitts


    9TH–10TH Grade Region Choir

    Birdville HS:  John Blamey, Harrison Caltagirone, Darius Easter, Kaleigh Farnan, Seth Goff, Hannah Green, Amelia Little, Lonnie McCloud, Miguel Mendez, Maygan Paul, Keegan Poole, Nick Rothe, Jenna Ruhlman, Breanna West, Lauren Wheeler and Isabella Ybarra

    Haltom HS:  Mireya Campos, Aaron Chavarria, Cristian Desantiago, Cassandra Dominguez, Cassandra Flowers, Sarah Lawson, Gabrielle Mallou, Michelle Martinez, Melanie Martinez, Mary Nelson, Catherine Suazo and Juan Vazquez

    Richland HS:  Bryce Beeson, Cade Braswell, Trinadie Durham-Bazan, Hailey Frith, Maysen Garner, Alyssa Goeringer, Beyonce Green, Dominique Groover, Haley Hanson, Caitlin Hoffman, Rachel Kelly, McKynzi Miller, Emily Patrick, Levi Richey, Jessika Rodriguez, Chandler Smith and Valeria Solis (November2015)


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  • Richland High School marching band 40th consecutive Sweepstakes award

    Congratulations to the Richland High School award-winning marching band on their 40th consecutive Sweepstakes award. They received three first-division scores from all judges at the UIL Marching contest at Pennington Field. That is 40 years of first division scores from all judges. Pictured with their 40th trophy are drum majors Vicky Murillo and Josh Alpert. (November2015)





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  • Richland High School Binta Ka qualifying for the State Cross-Country Meet 

    Congratulations to Richland High School sophomore Binta Ka on qualifying for the State Cross-Country Meet in Round Rock. Her time of 17:43.00 in the 5K race also placed her in the state Elite Runner Category. (November2015)


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  • Richland High School Band Honors

    Congratulations to Richland High School’s Honors Band, under the direction of Jason Bird, for being recognized as a commended winner in the National Mark of Excellence competition hosted by The Foundation for Music Education. While they do not release exact placements, this award means the RHS Honors Band is one of the top 14 bands from across the nation that submitted to the contest. Along with the ensemble recognition, graduates Taylor Wyatt and Nicole Griffin, were named outstanding soloists. Pictured with their honor are drum majors Vicky Murillo and Josh Alpert. (October 2015)


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  • Birdville ISD students earn national honors

    BISD is proud to announce it has three National Merit Semifinalists and 13 National Merit Commended Scholars and one National Hispanic Scholar for the 2015-16 school year.

    Nearly 1.5 million juniors in 22,000 high schools across the country entered the 2015 National Merit Scholarship Program last year by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Less than one percent of the nation’s high school seniors received the prestigious designation of becoming a semifinalist this year.

    To become a finalist, a semifinalist must have an outstanding academic record throughout high school, be endorsed and recommended by the high school principal, and earn SAT scores that confirm the student’s earlier performance on the qualifying test.

    BISD’s 2015-16 National Merit Semifinalists are:

    Birdville High School
    Jacob Brown
    Elizabeth (Libby) Feray

    Richland High School
    Anna Polk

    National Merit Commended Scholars are:

    Birdville High School
    Taylor Campbell
    David Durden
    Brandon Holmes
    Jessica Peterson
    Matthew Reddy
    Preston Seebock

    Haltom High School
    Sebastian Cox
    Richland High School
    Chris Dobbins
    Hina Hussain
    Sarah Jones
    Ruth Kingsbury
    Brad Pipes
    Dylan White

    National Hispanic Scholars are:

    Richland High School
    Jose Garcia

    The National Merit Scholarship Program will announce additional program honorees later this school year. (October 2015)


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  • BISD exceeds state in all areas of SAT

    SAT scores for 2015 were released Sept. 30, and BISD’s composite score of 1453 for critical reading, mathematics and writing is higher than the state average of 1410. Average scores on the individual portions of the tests were:


    • Critical Reading – BISD scored 485 as compared to the state average at 470;
    • Mathematics – BISD scored 500 as compared to the state average at 486; and
    • Writing – BISD scored 468 as compared to the state average at 454.


    A total of 705 BISD seniors took the SAT at some point in high school.

    “I am proud of our seniors for scoring above the state average in 2015,” said Superintendent Dr. Darrell G. Brown. “The District is committed to continuous improvement and the advancement of our students. To improve the college readiness of our students, BISD will continue to implement strategies to improve curriculum in our pre-advanced placement, advanced placement and core classes.” (October 2015)


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  • Richland High School Library: Google Form Scavenger Hunt of Glory!

    RHS librarian Angi Magana created over forty different library-specific Google Forms for an interactive orientation experience for students. Students partnered and used their personal devices to log their answers for the hunt. The separate Forms spread the hunt out through the library so multiple classes could participate at once. (September 2015)





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  • BISD High School Singers Advance to All-State Round 2

    Congratulations to the BISD high school singers that auditioned Sept. 19 in the first round of auditions to become members of one of the 2016 Texas All-State choirs. Best of luck to these singers as they prepare a new set of music for the second audition in October.

    Haltom High:  Jesus Castillo, Haley Clark, Marion DeGuzman, Abigail Del Cristo, Mykel Estrello, Lisi Greenlee, Amara Holcombe, Thomas Jones, Tristan Langrehr, Kennan Lukacs, Marcus Medina, Zachariah Medina, Alejandro Narvaez, Shelby Siefkas, Marissa Suazo (1st Chair), Cody Vital and  Katlyn White (1st Chair)

    Richland High:  Alivia Atkinson, Steven Brown, Gwenola Carroll, Brooke Christoffersen, Anastacia Clough, Ashley Dickerson, Caleb Dollarhide, Christopher Farrell, Carlie Hagar, Hina Hussain, Kayla Jefferies, Sarah Jones, Braden Kelley, Moriah Khalil (1st Chair), Ruth Kingsbury, Tolisi Kioa, Josh Legge, Caleb Pitts, and Destiny Pope

    Birdville High:  Duncan Abdo, Faith Adams, Emory Arnold, Xavier Baker, Jeremiah Brand, Allison Burk, Jared Burleson, Sean Cazier (1st Chair), Jet Coatney, Hannah Detrick (1st Chair), Dennis Gartman, Jr., Aspen Gonzales, Audrey Ham, Trey Harmening, Macy Hartman, Shali Hartman, Jordan Joe, Halie Moore, Zane Motlagh and Logan Perrin (September 2015)


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  • BISD High School Band Members Selected for All-Region Jazz Band

    Congratulations to the following BISD high school band members who were selected for the Region 5 All-Region Jazz Band Sept. 19. This was the first round of auditions for the 2016 Texas All-State Jazz Band. Instrumentalists designated as an AREA candidate will advance to a recorded audition.

    Haltom High:  Ian Bassham, Kamron Curry (Area-1st chair)and James Daly (Area-1st chair)
    Richland High:
      Quinton Hackworth (Area-1st chair),Gracie Hackworth and Colton Reddoch (Area-1st chair)
    Birdville High:
      Jordan Amara, Matt Edwards, Caleb Henry, Cole Kirchenbauer, Reece Neathery (Area), Aaron Oliver, Katryna Parisi, Jordan Proffer, Liam Rhodes, Zach Rodgers, Jonathan Shier (Area-1st chair),Brooklyn Ward and Ian Worley (Area) (September 2015)








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  • Richland High Drumline Wins HEB Contest

    Congratulations to the Richland HS Drumline on the first-place finish at the 10th Annual HEB ISD Drumline Contest on Saturday, Sept. 12. The RHS Drumline bested 30 other ensembles for the win as well as receiving additional awards of "Best Cymbal Line," "Best Front Ensemble," and "Best Tenor Line." Thanks to Assistant Band Director and Percussion Coordinator Evan Blackard for his leadership and all the members of this outstanding ensemble. (September 2015)


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  •  Richland HS Symphonic Band Receives Award

    Congratulations to the Richland HS Symphonic Band for being named a "Citation of Excellence Commended Winner 2015" from the Foundation for Music Education. The Citation of Excellence is a competition for Texas high school non-varsity bands in which the top 25% are selected as Commended Winners.  Thank you to director Mike Pickrell for helping lead these students to this outstanding achievement. (September 2015)


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