The duties of an Elementary Guidance Counselor are many!
    Tissue-- A school counselor wants to help students dry their tears, students need to know that it's okay to cry if they have a problem.
    Toothpick-- A school counselor helps students "pick out" their problems and work on them.
    Lollipop-- A school counselor wants to help students feel better and a treat can do just that!
    Star-- A school counselor can help students find their way when they are lost.
    Penny-- A penny reminds students that they are valuable and special.
    Bandage-- A school counselor wants to help heal students' wounds.
    Eraser-- The eraser reminds students that everyone makes mistakes.  School counselors help students deal with their feelings about the mistakes they've made.
    Life Saver-- Life Savers serve as a reminder that students cans see the school counselor if they need someone to talk to.
    Cotton Ball-- This reminds students that the school counselor is full of warm fuzzies and compliments.