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Suzanne Smith

To our Wonderful Spicer Families

Dear Parents,

Spicer is an AWESOME place for learning! I love being the counselor at our wonderful, school! As the school counselor, I will have the opportunity to work with your child/children this school year. The following is a list of activities I will be conducting that could involve your child: classroom guidance activities on units such as self-awareness, motivation for achievement, interpersonal effectiveness, responsible behavior, cross-cultural effectiveness, problem-solving skills, and effective communication skills; Outstanding Citizens; small group counseling (with parental permission); and individual counseling visits. The goal of my school counseling program is to assist the children in building a positive self-image and in feeling successful while dealing with the stresses that accompany growing up.

My counseling referrals come from several sources. You as a parent can call and ask me to speak with your child. A child can also ask to see me by leaving a note in my  “mailbox.”  I have introduced myself to your child’s classroom, and I have told them how to make an appointment with me. When I counsel with a child, the information shared remains confidential.  If your child is invited to participate in a small counseling group where other children hear confidential information, I will first ask for parental permission.

Many times I will see small groups of children or an individual child at the request of the teacher, child, and/or administrator concerning school related issues (getting along on the playground, friendship concerns, etc.) Often these problems arise quickly and must be dealt with immediately without parent notification. I am available to discuss any questions you may have if you call me at school (817-547-3322) between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

My goal is to provide a helpful and beneficial counseling program that works in partnership with parents and provides the best opportunity for students to be happy and successful. I look forward to another spectacular school year at Spicer!


Suzanne Smith M.S., M.Ed.

Spicer Counselor


Last Modified on June 27, 2018