@                   at

    A & P              anatomy and physiology

    ab                    abortion

    abd                  abdominal

    ABG               arterial blood gas

    a.c.                   before meals

    ac & cl             acetest and clinitest

    ACLS              advanced cardiac life support

    AD                  right ear

    ADL                activities of daily living

    ad lib               as desired

    adm                admission

    AFB                acid-fast bacillus

    AKA               above the knee

    alb                   albumin

    alt dieb            alternate days (every other day)

    am                   morning

    AMA               against medical advice

    amal                 amalgam

    amb                 ambulate, walk

    AMI                acute myocardial infarction

    amt                  amount

    ANS                automatic nervous system

    ant                   anterior

    AOx3              alert & oriented to person, time, place

    Ap                   apical

    AP                   apical pulse

    approx             approximately

    aq                    aqueous

    ARDS                         acute respiratory distress syndrome

    AS                   left ear

    ASA                aspirin

    asap (ASAP)   as soon as possible

    as tol                as tolerated

    ATD                admission, transfer, discharge

    AU                  both ears

    Ax                   axillary

    BE                   barium enema

    bid                   twice a day

    bil                    bilateral

    BK                  below knee

    BKA               below the knee amputation

    bl                     blood

    bl wk               blood work

    BLS                 basic life support

    BM                  bowel movement

    BOW               bag of waters

    B/P                  blood pressure

    bpm                 beats per minute

    BR                   bedrest

    BRP                bathroom privileges

    BS                   breath sounds

    BSI                  body substance isolation

    BSO                bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

    BUN               blood, urea, nitrogen

    BVM               bag-valve-mask

    bx                    biopsy


    c                      with


    C & S              culture and sensitivity

    c-spine             cervical spine

    CA                  cancer

    CAD               coronary artery disease

    cal                    calorie

    CAT                computerized axial tomography

    cath                 catheter

    CBC                complete blood count

    cc                     cubic centimeters

    CC                   chief complaint

    CCU                coronary care unit

    CHD               coronary heart disease

    CHF                congestive heart failure

    CHO               carbohydrate

    chol                 cholesterol

    circ                  circumcision

    cl liq                clear liquid

    CNS                central nervous sysyem

    c/o                   complains of

    COPD                         chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

    CPK                creatine phosphokinase

    CPR                cardiopulmonary resuscitation

    CPT                 chest physical therapy

    CS                   central supply

    CSF                 cerebrospinal fluid

    CT                   computer tomography

    CVA               cerebrovascular accident (stroke)

    CVU               cardiovascular unit

    cx                    cervix or complaint of

    CXR                chest x-ray

    cysto                cystography

    d/c                   discontinue

    D & C                         dilation & curettage

    DAT                diet as tolerated

    DC                  discontinue or discharge

    del                   delivery

    Del. Rm.          delivery room

    diff                  differential

    DNA               deoxyribonucleic acid

    DNR               do not resuscitate

    DOA               dead on arrival

    DOB               date of birth

    DPT                 diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus

    DRG               diagnosis-related grouping

    D/S                  dextrose in saline

    DT's                 delirium tremens

    DW                 distilled water

    D5W               5% dextrose in water

    Dx                   diagnosis

    EBL                estimated blood loss

    ECG                electrocardiogram

    ED                   emergency department

    EEG                electroencephalogram

    EENT              eye, ear, nose, throat

    EKG                electrocardiogram

    EMG               electromyogram

    EOA                esophageal obturator airway

    ESR                 erythrocyte sedimentation rate

    est                    estimated

    ER                   emergency room

    ET                   endotracheal

    ETA                estimated time of arrival

    etiol                 etiology

    ETOH                         ethyl alcohol, intoxicated

    exam                examination

    exp                  exploratory

    ext                   external, extract, extraction

    FBOA                         foreign body obstructed airway

    FBS                 fasting blood sugar

    FBW               fasting blood work

    FF (F. Fl)         force fluids

    FH                   family history

    FHS                 fetal heart sounds

    FHT                 fetal heart tone

    FIFO               first in, first out

    FSH                 follicle-stimulating hormone

    ft                     foot

    FUO                fever undetermined origin

    Fx                    fracture

    GB                  gall bladder

    GI                    gastrointestinal

    GU                  genitourinary

    GTT                 glucose tolerance test (pancreas test)

    gtt(s)                drop(s)

    gyn                  gynecology

    H & H                         hemoglobin and hemocrit

    HCG               human chorionic gonadotrophin

    hct                   hematocrit

    HDL                high-density lipoprotein

    hgb                  hemoglobin

    HOB               head of bed

    hr (h)               hour

    hs                     hour of sleep, bedtime

    HIV                 human immuno virus

    HOB               head of bed

    HR                  heart rate

    hs                     bedtime, hour of sleep

    ht                     height

    Hx                   history

    hypo                hypodermic injection

    hyst                 hysterectomy

    I & D               incision and drainage

    I & O               intake and output

    ICP                  intracranial pressure

    ICU                 intensive care unit

    IM                   intramuscular

    ing                   inguinal

    inj                    injection

    IPPB               intermittent positive pressure breathing

    irrig                  irrigation

    IS                    intercostal space

    isol                   isolation

    IT                    inhalation therapy

    IUD                 intrauterine device

    IV                    intravenous

    IVF                 in vitro fertilization

    IVP                 intravenous pyelogram

    K+                   potassium

    KCl                 potassuim chloride

    KUB               kidney, ureter, bladder

    L                      lumbar

    L & D              labor and delivery

    lac                    laceration

    lab                   laboratory

    lap                   laparotomy

    lat                    lateral

    LD                   lethal dose

    LDH                lactic dehydrogenase

    LDL                low-density lipoprotein

    liq                    liquid

    LLQ, LLL       left lower quadrant (abdomen), lobe (lung)

    LMP                last menstrual period

    LOC                level of consciousness

    LP                   lumbar puncture

    lt                      left

    LUQ, LUL      left upper quadrant (abdomen), lobe (lung)

    MA                  mental age

    MAST             medical antishock trousers

    MCI                mass casualty incident

    meds                medications

    MI                   myocardial infarction

    MICU                         mobile intensive care unit

    min                  minute

    MN                  midnight

    MOM              milk of magnesia

    MRI                magnetic resonance imagery

    MS                  morphine sulfate, multiple sclerosis

    MVA               motor vehicle accident

    NVD               nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

    Na+                 sodium

    NaCl                sodium chloride

    N/C                 nasal cannula, no complaints

    neg                  negative

    neuro               neurology

    NG                  nasogastric

    NGT                nasogastric tube

    nitro                 nitroglycerine

    NKA               no known allergies

    noc (t)              night

    NPO                nothing by mouth

    NS                   normal saline

    nsg                   nursing

    NSR                normal sinus rhythm

    NVS                neurological vital signs

    O                     oxygen

    OB                  obstetrics

    OD                  right eye, overdose

    oint                  ointment

    OOB               out of bed

    OPD                outpatient department

    OR                  operating room

    ord                   orderly

    ORTH                         orthopedics

    ortho                correct, right (bones)

    os                     mouth

    OS                   left eye

    OT                   occupational therapy

    OU                  both eyes

    oz                    ounce


    p                      after

    P                      pulse

    P & A              percussion & auscultation

    PAC                premature atrial contraction

    palp                 palpation

    PAR                postanesthesia room

    PAT                 paroxysmal atrial tachycardia

    pc                    after meals

    pCO2              partial pressure of carbon dioxide

    PDR                physician's desk reference

    PE                   physical exam, pulmonary embolism

    PEDS              pediatrics

    per                   by or through

    PERL(A)         pupils equal & reactive to light (and


    PET                 positron emission tomography

    PH                   past history

    pH                   hydrogen ion concentration

    PID                 pelvic inflammatory disease

    PKU                phenylketonuria

    pm                   between noon and midnight

    PNS                 peripheral nervous system

    po                    by mouth

    post                 (pos) posterior


    PostOp            postoperative

    pp (p.p.)           postprandial (after eating)

    pO2                 partial pressure of oxygen

    PPD                 purified protein derivative (TB test)

    preop, PreOp   before surgery

    prn                   as needed, whenever necessary

    pro time           prothrombin time

    pt                     patient, pint

    PT                    physical therapy

    PTT                 partial prothrombaplastin time

    PVC                premature ventricular contraction

    Px                    physical exam, prognosis

    q                      every

    qd                    every day

    qh                    every hour

    q2h, q3h, ...     every two hours, every three hours,...

    qhs                   every night at bedtime

    qid                   four times a day

    q.___m.           every ____ minutes

    qns                   quantity not sufficient

    qod                  every other day

    qs                     quantity sufficient

    r (R)                 rectal

    R (resp)           respirations, rectal

    RAIU              radioactive iodine uptake study

    RBC                red blood cell/count

    RDA               recommended daily allowance

    reg                   regular

    REM               rapid eye movement

    Rh                   rhesus

    RK                  radial keratomy

    RL                   ringer's lactate

    RLQ, RLL      right lower quadrant (abdomen), lobe (lung)

    RML               right middle lobe (lung)

    RO                  reality orientation

    R/O                 rule out

    ROM               range of motion

    R.R.                 recovery room

    RUQ, RLL      right upper quadrant, lobe

    rt                      right

    RV                  residual volume

    Rx take            (prescription)


    s                       without

    S & S               signs & symptoms

    ss                     1/2

    SA                   sinoatrial

    SB                   small bowel

    sc                     subcutaneous

    SGOT              serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase

    SGPT              serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase

    SIDS               sudden infant death syndrome

    Sig:                  label/write

    SL                   sublingual

    SMAC             sequential multiple analysis computer

    SOB                shortness of breath

    spec                 specimen

    sp. gr.              specific gravity

    SQ, sub q        subcutaneous

    SSE soap         suds enema

    stat                  immediately

    STD                 sexually transmitted disease

    STH                 somatotropic hormone

    SVD                spontaneous vaginal delivery

    SVN                small volume nebulizer

    SVT                 supraventricular tachycardia

    Sx                    symptoms

    T                      temperature, thoracic

    T & A              tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

    tab                   tablet

    TAH                total abdominal hysterectomy

    TB                   tuberculosis

    TCDB                         turn, cough, deep breath

    temp (T)          temperature

    TH                   thyroid hormone

    TIA                 transient ischemic attack

    tid                    three times a day

    TLC                 tender loving care

    TMJ                 temporomandibular joint

    tol                    tolerated

    TPN                 total parenteral nutrition

    TPR                 temperature, pulse, respirations

    tr                      tincture

    trach                tracheotomy, tracheostomy

    TSH                 thyroid-stimulating hormone

    TT                    tetanus toxiod

    TUR                transurethral resection

    TV                   tidal volume

    TVH                total vaginal hysterectomy

    TWE                tap water enema

    TX                   traction

    UA                  urinalysis

    umb                 umbilicus

    unc.                 unconscious

    ung                  ointment

    unk                  unknown

    ur                     urine

    URC                usual, reasonable, customary

    URI                 upper respiratory infection

    US                   ultrasonic

    USP                 United States Pharmacopeia

    UTI                 urinary tract infection

    V fib                ventricular fibrillation

    V tach                         ventricular tachycardia

    vag                  vaginal

    VC                  vital capacity

    VD                  venereal disease

    vit                    vitamin

    vo                    verbal order

    vol                   volume

    V/S                  vital signs

    WA                 while awake

    WBC               white blood cell/count

    w/c                  wheelchair

    WNL               within normal limits

    wt                    weight
    y/o                   year(s) old