The first production of the year will be Advanced Theatre's Fall Play
    Bedtime Stories
    (As Told By Our Dad)
    (Who Messed them Up)
    October 12 at 7 pm in the N. Ridge Middle School auditorium 
    Mrs. Berthold's Class Schedule
    1st Period: 6th Grade Year Long (8:40-9:25)
    2nd Period: 8th Grade Year Long (9:29-10:14)
    3rd Period: 6th Grade Year Long (10:18-11:03)
    A Lunch (11:07-11:37)
    4th Period: Conference (11:41-12:26)
    5th Period: 7th Grade Year Long (12:30-1:15)
    6th Period: Advanced Theatre (1:19-2:12)
    7th Period: 6th Grade Semester (2:16-3:01)
    8th Period: 7th Grade Semester (3:05-3:45)
    If you would like to receive my text messages from Remind 101 you can sign up for those by sending a text message to the number 81010 with the corresponding class period code:
    1st period: @berthold1p
    2nd period: @berthold2p
    3rd period: @berthold3p
    5th period: @berthold5p
    6th period: @berthold6p
    7th period: @berthold7p
    8th period: @berthold8p
    My contact Information:
    Rebecca Berthold
    E: rebecca.berthold@birdvilleschools.net
    Room Phone Number: 817-547-5284
    School Phone Number: 817-547-5200
    Room D22