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    BISD Best Practices with SMART

    • Reach students whose intellectual learning styles were not being reached using traditional learning tools. Leverage the power of Notebook software to teach visual and kinesthetic learners using graphics and interactive software.

    • Use SMARTBOARD and Notebook Software to explicitly teach and model in mini lessons and reteaching.

    • Interactive learning and practice for students in whole group, small group, and workstations situations.  

    • Use instructional standards to create learning activities that deepen and extend the learning.

    • Easily find, edit and share Notebook files that can be used in your classroom.

    SMART boards and the SMART Notebook software can be easily utilized in your daily teaching and learning.  It can be used in whole group or work station settings.  In whole group situations, teachers can introduce new concepts, check for understanding, and model activities that are to be done while in work stations.  While in work stations, students can use desktop computers, laptops, iPads or Windows 8 tablets interact with Notebook files that are specific to the learning taking place that day.
    Literacy Whole Group/Work Station Notebook Ideas
    This notebook file has example slides tied to particular ELAR standards.  The examples came from files downloaded from the SMART Exchange  website. 
    Whole Group Instruction Examples
    Below are examples of how whole group instruction could look in your teaching and learning utilizing the SMART board
    Work Station Examples
    Full Notebook Files Used in Presentation

    Upper/Lower Case Sort - Kinder

    Making Inferences - Poetry - 5th Grade