Strategic Planning Action Teams

At the end of October, a diverse group of parents, community leaders, and staff members spent three days drafting a new strategic plan for BISD. That plan is now being taken to our staff seeking their help in developing action plans that will be used to fulfill the district's mission.


The work of these teams is very important. They will develop and recommend action plans for one of four areas. They are: Partnerships, Culture, Resources and Learning. Once the final work is approved by the Board of Trustees, these action plans will be the driving force that guides the work of the district.


blue symbol  Partnerships
Expand and enhance unique learning opportunities through strategic partnerships both in and outside the district.


blue symbol  Culture
Ensure a culture of integrity, service, and community committed to excellence, innovation and responsiveness.


blue symbol  Resources
 Leverage the use of time, resources and space to address the needs and learning goals of our students and community.


blue symbol  Learning
Craft a system of innovative learning approaches, patterns, and practices that respond to the unique needs, interests, and talents of all students.


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