• Bilingual/ESL Programs in Birdville ISD

    According to state law, bilingual education is required at the elementary school level when there are 20 or more English Learners (ELs) who speak the same language in a single grade level across the district. Currently, 1,832 students participate in the bilingual program which is offered at 9 of our 21 elementary campuses.

    The Birdville ISD bilingual education program is implemented through a One-Way Dual Language Program. This model is research-based and promotes optimum academic and linguistic development in both English and Spanish. Additionally, culturally responsive teaching is emphasized to ensure that ELLs successfully integrate and participate in important aspects of culture, value, and belief systems. 

    English language learners who are not served through the bilingual program are served through a content-based English as a Second Language (ESL) program. English as a Second Language is a content-based program, which allows English Learners to receive content and language instruction by an ESL certified teacher. All Birdville ISD elementary and secondary campuses have an ESL program.