• Fequently Asked Questions

    Why is there a grants office?
    The Grant Office was established as an organizational tool to ensure that Birdville ISD receives maximum benefit from all available funding sources and takes advantage of those funds available.

    What are discretionary grants?
    Generally, they are awards of optional monetary assistance, usually tied to a very specific purpose or program plan. The funds can be spent only according to the approved plan. The Grant Office provides professional development and technical assistance to those campuses who are interested in developing their own proposals.

    Where does Birdville ISD get grants?
    Publicly funded grant programs are primarily administered by governmental entities, mostly state or federal, and most are on a competitive basis with specific selection criteria. Privately funded grant programs are available through foundations or charitable trusts, as well as through corporations or individuals.

    How can I find out about grants?
    The Grant Office  notifies leadership in departments and schools of publicly funded grant availability. This information is also on the web sites of the Texas Education Agency and the federal Department of Education.

    How do I apply for grants?
    Please contact us at (817) 547-5751. We will assist you with the application process for competitive federal and state grants, and other grants as staff time is available.

    Can I get a grant to finish my advanced degree?
    No, the Birdville ISD Grant Office does not seek grants for individuals. Scholarship and tuition assistance are often available through the educational institution you would be attending.

    Do I have to notify you when I’m applying for grants, even if you’re not helping?
    Yes, when applying for State and Federal grants you will need to notify us to determine eligibility and suitability. However on grants below $50,000, you do not have to notify us, but need to seek and obtain your supervisor's approval prior to applying. See three levels of services we provide.

    How are schools selected for grant applications?
    Most publicly funded grants define eligibility, often based on needs, economic levels and performance on state assessments. The Birdville ISD leadership team may further define suitability for applicants based on district priorities.

    Can you find me money for a specific project?
    Due to staffing capacity, the activity is focused on competitive applications for publicly funded grants of $50,000 or more, aligned with the BISD goals. However, if you would like more information about a specific grant, we can help by conducting research, sample narrative and budget templates, letters of support, and peer review of your grant before you submit your proposal.

    Is Birdville ISD non-profit?
    Birdville ISD is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, and is tax exempt. It is not a 501(c)3 organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service, but donors may claim a charitable contribution for gifts to Birdville ISD if such a gift is used for a public purpose.

    Can I use e-grants?
    Access to the e-grant system is limited to those approved by the Superintendent. All e-grants for Birdville ISD are submitted through the this Department upon approval of the Superintendent.

    What is a support letter?
    A support letter generally indicates that a specified project is meeting a specific need for a campus or community. It should be as specific as possible about any participation offered by the supporter, on the organization’s letterhead, signed by the CEO or managing director of the organization.

    Do you write the grant for me?
    As time and priorities permit, Grants staff will assist with preparation and submission of applications, but grant applicants (campus or department) must participate fully in project planning and development.

    Are there sample grants or templates I can use?
    Some grant application forms are similar from one year to the next, but most projects require new and specific information. You are welcome to come by the office to review prior grant submissions to get an idea of the type of information required. 

    How can I find out about grants my school already has?
    Principals at each school have information on all grants operating on their campus.

    Why do some schools get more grants than others?
    Most grant criteria are needs-based, meaning priority is given to campuses with the greatest need: for academic improvement, with the most families qualifying for free and reduced rate meals, or perhaps the greatest number of English Language Learners. Also, even when eligible to apply, some principals choose not to apply because they may not be able to dedicate sufficient resources to apply and properly manage a grant.

    Is there a set time when grants are due or available?
    Timelines vary from grant to grant, and from year to year. There is no set time.

    Where can I learn about grant writing?
    The Grant staff can provide you with general grant writing resources, as well as those that focus on your area of need.