Language Assessment Services

    All students new to Texas or the United States must complete a Home Language Survey upon registering for school.
    Students for whom a parent indicates a language other than English is spoken MOST of the time by the student or at home, will be required to complete a language assessment in our department offices. 
    • Provide oral language assessment (English and Spanish) for students new to Texas schools (PK to 12th grade)
    • Explain and recommend the Bilingual and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs as an integral part of the school instructional system
    • Provide parent and family community service information
    Documents to bring for language testing
    • Home Language Survey (HLS)
    • Prior school withdrawal Forms
    • Parent/guardian form of identification


    Scheduling a Language Assessment 
    • Upon registering a student, campus personnel will schedule an appointment for language testing
    • Parents may contact department offices with any questions at 817-547-5418