All of my artwork over the last 15 years has revolved around the concept of mans interaction with nature in one aspect or another. Sometimes, this is how they can work together harmoniously. At other times, it is reflection of how the human race is not truly aware of the impacts we are making on our planet. Nature has long been a revered subject in the history of art. I feel in this day and age, it is a topic worthy of bringing to the forefront. Especially, as we watch our environment being threatened. Simply put, I am inspired by nature, and I am constantly enamored by all of its beauty and eccentricities. I spend hours outdoors rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, and exploring the new sport of paramotoring. While I am outside, I always take photos of nature’s beauty. These pictures are then used as inspiration for my work, specifically over the last 5 years. I use these photos in transfer and sculptural process to convey my concepts.

    Personally, I have been influenced by many styles of art, artist, and other fine art disciplines that to narrow it down to a consumable list is difficult. My mother was my original influence teaching me to paint, bead, and curate the variety of art she and my father collected. While I grew as a person and as an artist, the typical historical artist grabbed my attention like Van Gogh and J.M.W. Turner. When I entered college to obtain my art teaching certificate, I felt like my eyes really opened to the mixed media and sculptural side of art. Now, artists like Banksy, with his social approach to art, and Martin Puryear, with expressive and minimalist style of tradition sculpture and craftsmanship, greatly inspire me. I am very much a contemporary artist who sees no boundaries or limitations with where I could go in the art world, yet I hold fast to the ideals and appreciation for the past.

    As an art educator, I am constantly reading, researching, and learning about contemporary and historical art to help develop more meaningful and engaging lessons for my students. And throughout this process of teaching my students to become well-rounded people and artists, I have become more self-aware. Most of my current processes that I am working on have come from workshops for teaching Advanced Placement Art or events hosted by the Texas Art Educators Association A current deconstructed photography project I have developed for my students has now spawned the direction I will be moving into with my work. We looked at many contemporary artists who currently use photography and mixed media. Students print photos on photo paper and used collage, cut paper, stitching, sharpies, paint pens, glass cleaner and other materials to manipulate the photos. I plan on combining these processes with my photo transfers on ceramics in order to develop wall pieces and sculptures with these processes and concepts combined together.