Rules for Safety 

    1. Safety: Student safety is our first priority.  Students are expected to wear their personal protection equipment in the shop at all times.  Students are not allowed in the shop area if they pose a risk to themselves or others.  Students are required to pass the SP/2 safety certification test each year they are a student of the program. 
    2. No running or horseplay.
    3. Report all accidents immediately!
    4. Do not operate a vehicle without the teacher's permission.  Only the authorized person is allowed in vehicle, no one else!
    5. Always use safety stands (jack stands) under a vehicle.
    6. Do not block doors, passageways, or fire extinguishers. 
    7. Dress code is enforced at all times.  Closed-toe shoes are required to work in the shop, boots recommended. Loose clothing is not acceptable or safe when working in the shop. 
    8. Clean up spills as soon as possible.
    9. Do not run vehicles without proper ventilation.

    Classroom Rules and Policies

    1. Only water is allowed in the classroom.  No other food or drink.  Absolutely no food or drink in the computer lab.  
    2. Students must punch in and out everyday on the class time clock.  Attendance is taken by the time clock record.  If a student is unable to punch in or out, they need to sign the attendance book for a written record of the event. 
    3. If a student is late for any reason, they need to sign the attendance book.
    4. Most of the academic assignments are online based.  Students will be given time to complete the assignments in class.  They can also complete the assignment at most any computer connected to the internet.
    5. Requirements for field trips will vary, but will include overall grades and citizenship.  We will not take a student that we deem unsuitable for travel. 

     Shop Rules and Policies

    1. You will not be allowed in the shop if you do not meet all requirements for safety and academic rules.  
    2. Safety- I cannot stress that enough!
    3. If a student cannot be safe in the shop, an alternative assignment will be given.  In some rare events, students may not be allowed back in the shop due to complete disregard for safety.
    4. Students are not to use any tools or equipment if they do not have the teacher's approval.
    5. Students are not allowed to drive a vehicle without a valid Driver's License.
    6. Tools need to be checked out and back in.  The person on the checkout sheet is the person who is solely responsible.  
    7. Never assume you can use the shop for your own purposes.  Always ask for the teacher's permission on shop use for personal projects.