Book Genres
    The Fiction section of the North Ridge library is organized by genre. 
    Use this genre guide to find the type of book you want.  Book labels are color-coded.
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                       Exciting, risky, bold. 

    Survival, espionage, quests.
    Stories with an exciting or very unusual experience, a bold,usually risky undertaking, or hazardous action of uncertain outcome. Includes survival and spy stories.
    The Shadow Project

    Imagined worlds, magical creatures,

    extraordinary events.
    Any story of the impossible- a tale that has events happening that could never happen in the natural world. Includes talking animals, faeries, modern fairy tales and variations, myths, mythology & legends.

    Time travel made easy.

    Stories set in the past and try to recreate a time past, reconstruct characters, events, movements, ways of life and spirit of days gone by. Includes stories set in  the ice age,  medieval times, war stories, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights era and before.
     Wicked Girls

    Books that get your blood pumping.

    Dare to be scared.  
    A story intended to scare the reader by exploiting their fears, both conscious and subconscious: fears of supernatural forces, alien visitations, madness, death, dismemberment, and other terrifying notions.

    It's a crime.  It's puzzling.

    It's mystifying.
      You won’t find out until the very end.
    The plot involves a crime or other event that remains puzzlingly unsettled until the very end.
    The 39 Clues
    Real places.  Real people.
    Real issues.
    Right now.
    Deals with events that could really happen in life.
     Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf
     ROMANCE &
                    CHICK LIT
     Love.  Laughter. Tears.
    Friendship. Discovery.
    In a Romance novel, the plot centers around a love relationship.
    In Chick Lit, the plot involves young women experiencing life issues, usually humorously and lighheartedly.  The character's relationship with her family or friends is often just as important as her romantic relationships.
    Princess in Love
    Imagine what might happen with advances in science & technology,
    now and in the future.
    Deals with the influence of real or imagined science on society or individuals. They are in the realm of possibility, as opposed to fantasy.
    The Hunger Games

    Football, baseball, soccer.

                  Hunting, bowling, golf. 

     It's all about the sport

    and those that play the game.
    The action or plot revolves around a sport or characters involved in a sport.
     Football Hero

     Sorcery and ghostly spirits,

    super-powers and shape-shifters.
    Strange things happening in a real-world setting.
     Fiction (scary or not), set in our own world that has a force or entity that cannot be explained by natural law: ghost stories, vampires, witches and sorcery, werewolves and other shape shifters, living mummies, angels and demons, and unexplained powers and phenomena.

    What About Nonfiction?
    Nonfiction books are organized by subject using the Dewey Decimal System.