• Staff
    Many staff members at the various levels of support hold
    certifications from some of the top technology vendors.
    Cisco      Dell      Microsoft

    LEVEL 1: The Technical Services Desk staff answer your phone calls, emails, and process service requests. Depending on the situaton, the request may be resolved at this level or escalated to the next level for resolution. (Generalist)
    All TSD staff are certified by Help Desk International (HDI).
    HDI certified
    LEVEL 2: A group of hardware technicians are assigned to visit multiple campuses to resolve open service requests. In the event the problem requires expert knowledge, the request is escalated to the next level for resolution. (Specialist)

    LEVEL 3: We have engineers for telecommunications, data networking, digital security, email, and storage. We also have programmers on staff who specialize in various information systems. (Expert)