• Technical Projects
    work in progress
    Multiple projects are typically pending simultaneously.
    One of our primary goals is continuous improvement.

    Microsoft Office2007 rollout
    STATUS - pending MAY 2010 - MAR 2011
    The software suite is used to perform daily computing operations such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database, and e-mail.  The old version is 2003.  The new version is 2007.  As campuses are migrated, links to online training and online courses are made available to the staff.
    KACE Implementation
    STATUS - pending MAR 2011
    This system replaces the Altiris system and the GroupLink ticketing system.  It allows for inventorying, software deployment, and licensing metering.  It also provides a ticketing system and user portal.  This system will create operational efficiencies for the entire district with regards to computing devices and software.
    Migration to Internet Explorer 8
    STATUS - completed JAN 2011
    To bring all PCs to the same version of Internet Explorer, TIMS is automating the process of upgrading from existing IE versions to version 8. 
    Skyward - Migrating PAC to Web 
    STATUS - pending MAY 2010- MAR 2011
    The Skyward system is partially web-based and partially client-based.  The migration will alleviate the need for a special client to be installed for system users who perform functions using the PAC client.  This will migration will provide secure access to all system functions using a simple web browser.
    Faster Internet Link (Cogent)
    STATUS - completed OCT 2010
    A secondary 100Mbps link was brought online to expand the data capacity from BISD to the Internet. This compliments the existing 100Mbps link leased through Region XI. This secondary link also provides redundancy in the event one of the providers experiences an outage.
    10Gbps WAN links
    STATUS - completed OCT 2010
    The network links between several facilities has been upgraded from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps in efforts to handle increased network usage between facilities and out to the Internet.
    SAN Expansion
    STATUS - completed OCT 2010
    The storage area network (SAN) is a place that houses all types of systems data, databases, and BISD personnel storage (U: drive).  The SAN has expanded at least once per year for the past few years to accommodate the magnitude of data needing to be stored.
    E-Learning / Online Learning Management System Migration
    STATUS - completed SEP 2010
    BISD was using a hosted Blackboard solution to offer online and e-learning courses.  Another hosted solution provided called Moodlerooms is now the being used at BISD.  All course content underwent a conversion process.  The Moodlerooms solution is not only hosting migrated courses, but also the central point for all BISD curriculum and professional development materials.
    Software Centralization
    STATUS - topic for discussion and future planning
    This project will help BISD ensure software licensing compliance and provide change the inventory, purchase, and approval process for software purchases throughout the district.