Good morning,
    Important Dates for Parents to Notify Campus of Change in Preferred Instructional Option
    A parent/guardian requesting to change their student(s) from face-to-face to online learning or from online learning to face-to-face learning may do so no later than the Friday of the fifth week of each six weeks grading period. This will give campuses five school days plus four weekend days to change formats and make scheduling changes if needed.
    Please fill this Google link if you are wanting to change instructional methods:
    You do not need to call the campus. You only need to complete the Google Form if you are changing instructional method of learning. 
    Campuses only need to be notified if parents/guardians want to change instructional methods. This is due by Friday, October 30th. • Monday, Oct. 26 to Friday, Oct. 30 for the third six weeks (Classes begin Nov. 9)
    Again, this is only for parents wanting to make instructional changes.
    No requests will be honored after October 30th
    Thank you!