• rolesWondering who can help you with technology at your campus?
    Liaison - your front-line technology support at the campus.
    Webmaster - can provide assistance with Schoolwires and issues with your webpages.
    ITS - provide assistance with integrating technology into the curriculum, gradebook help, website help.
    Field Tech - works on reported technology incidents such as hardware, software, printing, etc.
    You are always welcome to call the Technical Services Desk at x5888, if you require assistance!
    2009 - 2010
    Campus Liaison Asst. Liaison Asst. Liaison Webmaster ITS Field Tech
    Haltom HS Laura Blount Lisa Oconnor Gary Lejazar Cindy Riggin Karen Teeters Wayne Tapp
    Richland HS Shirley Goolsby Cindi Fratus Erik Walla Erik Walla Kathy Sales Al Sanchez
    Shannon LC Rhonda Sparks ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Rhonda Sparks Randy Rodgers Brad Butler
    Birdville HS Tom Medford ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Tom Medford Kathy Sales David Merryfield
    BCTAL Carlotta Browning Karen Seimears ~~~~~~ Erik Walla Randy Rodgers Chris Robison
    Haltom MS Dallas Teeters Joanna Ashlock ~~~~~~ Joanna Ashlock Randy Rodgers Brad Butler
    N.Richland MS Fermur Keith Kathy Harvell ~~~~~~ Mary Huston Jon Norris Al Sanchez
    Richland MS Drew Simmons ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Whitney Isbell Randy Rodgers Al Sanchez
    N.Oaks MS Nikki Wheeler ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Jeannie Canata Jon Norris Wayne Tapp
    Watauga MS Donna Wyckoff ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Donna Wyckoff Karen Teeters Wayne Tapp
    Smithfield MS Ryan Holzberger ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Eager / Eager Kathy Sales David Merryfield
    N.Ridge MS Bykerk / Sorenson ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Bykerk / Sorenson Denise Pierce Chis Robison
    Birdville EL Julia Mize ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Julia Mize Cheryl McKnight Brad Butler
    Smith EL Sallye Shaw ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Kim Smith Randy Rodgers Chris Robison
    Francisco EL Tammy Pope ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Tammy Pope Karen Teeters Chris Robison
    Binion EL Amanda Rosales ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Judy Carr Dwight Goodwin Al Sanchez
    Mullendore EL Belverly Sultan ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Beverly Sultan Cheryl McKnight Al Sanchez
    Richland EL Carolyn Fickle ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Kaye Wild Jeff Womack Al Sanchez
    Smithfield EL Diane Brannick ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Stephanie Kelso Teresa Lawson David Merryfield
    Snow Heights EL Scott Stanford ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Marisa McGovern Cheryl McKnight Al Sanchez
    Cheney EL Katie Watson ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Katie Watson Jeff Womack Brad Butler
    Stowe EL Carol Fields ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Tonja Fredrickson Jeff Samuelson Brad Butler
    W.Birdville EL James Viator ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ James Viator Dwight Goodwin Brad Butler
    Holiday Heights EL Scott Smith ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Kay Dansby Jeff Womack David Merryfield
    Watauga EL April Roberson ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Teressa Holford Cheryl McKnight Wayne Tapp
    Hardeman EL Christopher Pool ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Jackie Piasecki Jeff Samuelson Wayne Tapp
    Porter EL Lynette Piland ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Paula Obermueller Dwight Goodwin David Merryfield
    Thomas EL Katie Wallace ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Tiffany Bingham Dwight Goodwin David Merryfield
    Foster Village EL VACANT ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Leah Stephenson Jeff Womack Chris Robison
    N.Ridge EL Sharon Meyer ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Raylene Sampson Jeff Samuelson Chris Robison
    Spicer EL Barbara Chapman Pam Yamane ~~~~~~ Karen Osguera Jeff Samuelson Wayne Tapp
    Green Valley EL Keith Davis ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Keith Davis Teresa Lawson Chris Robison
    Walker Creek EL Roger Lee ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Roger Lee Teresa Lawson David Merryfield
    Admin Office ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Michelle Doporto ~~~~~~ Brad Butler
Last Modified on May 17, 2010