• Document Cameras

    1. What's the Tool?
    Document cameras, also known as image presenters, visual presenters,  are real-time image capture devices for displaying an object to a large audience. Like an opaque projector, a document camera is able to magnify and project the images of actual, three-dimensional objects, as well as transparencies. They are, in essence, high-resolution web cams, mounted on arms so as to facilitate their placement over a page. This allows a teacher, lecturer or presenter to write on a sheet of paper or to display a two or three-dimensional object while the audience watches.

    2. How to Use
    There are several kinds of doucment cameras in our district.  Below are the instructions on how to use each one. 

    Lumen's QuickStart guide

    3. Using in Teaching and Learning
    A document camera can enhance and transform your teaching and the learning of your students.  However, if you are the only one using it then it is no more than the overheads that we have been using.  Allowing students to manipulate, demonstrate their thinking, show their work and problem solve using the document camera will be the transforming piece that makes the difference. 
    Below are some documents that might help you transform your teaching.