• CI - Journey toward excellent Continuous Improvement Hardeman Elementary

    Why CI?

    Continuous Improvement provides teachers with quality tools and strategies to help individuals and groups communicate and participate as well as problem solve. These tools can be used to:

    • Help everyone participate
    • Problem solve using data (facts) to make good decisions
    • Work effectively and efficiently (working smart and using time well)


    Continuous Improvement is a management process whereby delivery (customer valued) processes are constantly evaluated and improved in the light of their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.

    The core principle of CIP is the (self) reflection of processes. (Feedback)

    The purpose of CIP is the identification, reduction, and elimination of suboptimal processes. (Efficiency)

    The emphasis of CIP is on incremental, continuous steps, avoiding quantum leaps. (Evolution)


    Continuous Improvement Tools

    Consensograms – or -- How can I communicate what I feel or know?


    Affinity Diagram – or – How can I organize my ideas?


    Plus/delta (+/Ä) – or – How can I make suggestions to improve what is happening?


    Force Field Analysis – or –How can I analyze what is helping or getting in the way with my learning?


    Action Plans – or – How do I plan for improvement or success?


    PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) – How can I plan for continuous improvement?


    Graphs – or – How can I keep track of my progress?


    Issue Bin


    Ground Rules


    Flow Chart