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   Review by Topic
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 Picture Vocabulary
B.4A  - Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
B.4B - Cellular Processes
B.4C - Viruses
B.5ABCD - Cellular Differences
B.6CDE Transportation and Translation
B.6FGH - Genetics
B.7AB - Evidence of Common Ancestry
B.7CDE - Natural Selection
B.7FG - Evolutionary Mechanisms & Complexity
B.8ABC - Taxonomy
B9AD - Biomolecules
B.9B - Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration
B.9C - Enzymes
B.10A - Interaction with Animals
B.10B - Interaction with Plants
B.10C - Levels of Organization
B.11A - Homeostasis
B.11B - Ecosystem Responses
B.11C - Microorganisms
B.11D - Ecological Succession
B.12A - Interdependency
B.12BCDF - Environmental Interactions & Effects
B.12E - Carbon & Nitrogen Cycles

-Power Point Presentations
    Vocabulary:  Vocab PPT 
Practice Test:
These power points can be used to study for the Biology STAAR Test 


Review by objective 
The following powerpoints are an OVERALL REVIEW of the topics that a science student needs to know to pass the Biology STAAR test
Here are some additional resources to help you study at home on specific TOPICS.  Some are notes....others are example problems from released TAKS tests.
General Science
     DNA part 1
     DNA part 2
     Food Web
Here are some released TAKS questions which can help you prepare for the Biology STAAR Test
General Science