• 200-21 New and Returning Student Online Registration
    2020-21 Online Student Registration
    July 2 – August 26, 2020

    Returning Students

    With online registration, primary family members of returning students can complete and verify required documents and eliminate the frustration of waiting in long registration lines at the school. To access online registration, you must have a Family Access login*.

    If you do not know your Family Access login, you may follow one of the options:

      1. Contact Birdville ISD via email or phone (see Technical Support below); or
      2. On or after August 10, please visit your child’s school.
    Returning students must complete online registration before arriving on the first day of school.  Once this is done, parents will not have to come to the school unless notified by the individual schools.
    Parents:  Please do not share your login with your child.  High school and middle school students can have their own login.

    * Members of the student’s primary family only (as currently identified in the district’s student information system and on the student enrollment form on file at the school).


    New Students


    1. Parent must submit a BISD New Student Enrollment Account Request.*
      (For 2020–21, this will be open from July 2, 2020 – May 2021.)  
    2. Once a confirmation email has been received, parents must complete the New Student Online Registration.
    3. Once New Student Online Registration is completed, parents must take the required documents listed below to their child's campus to complete the registration process.

      * NOTE: To add a new student to an existing BISD Family account, sign into your Student Family Access account and select New Student Online Enrollment.

    Technical Support for Online Registration

    Please contact your child's campus > View list of schools 


    2020-21 New Student Documentation Verification**
    New Student Document Verification will take place on your child's new campus on:

    Monday, August 3

    A – L:  8:00 – 11:00 a.m.
    M – Z:  3:00 – 7:00  p.m.

     Tuesday, August 4

    M – Z:  8:00 – 11:00 a.m.
    A – L:   3:00 – 7:00   p.m.

    BISD strongly encourages parents to take advantage of this opportunity to complete the registration process.  
    (Note: We register families by last name so that parents do not have to take off multiple days of work.)


      1. Parent Identification (government issued)
      2. Student Identification (one of the following): Birth certificate*, passport, adoption records or any other legal document that establishes identity such as Military ID, prior school records, or state ID.
      3. Proof of Residency: Current utility bill (water, gas, electric), lease agreement, cable bill, mortgage documentation, homeowner’s insurance policy, etc.
      4. Bring a copy of the most recent report card and STAAR scores to help with course selection/scheduling.
      5. Current immunization records
      6. Applicable Custody/Court Orders

    * For a student who is under 11 years of age and is enrolling in your school for the first time, per the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 63.019, certain additional requirements related to documentation of identity and age apply. Your school must notify the person enrolling the student that the person has up to 30 days from enrollment, or up to 90 days from enrollment for a child not born in the United States, to provide a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate. If the person is unable to produce a certified copy of the birth certificate, the person must produce, within the same time period, other acceptable proof of the child’s identity and age (see list from preceding paragraph) and a signed note explaining why the person was unable to produce a certified copy of the birth certificate.