Lannette Fraser
  • Lannette Fraser

    6th grade Science
    Sponsor Tiger Chess Club, meets Wedndays in my room 105B
    Phone: 817-547-4094

    Tutorials are Tuesday & Thursday 3:50 PM-4: 30 PM

     and Weekdays 8 AM-8: 30 AM

    Conference Time: 4th period (please call first if you would like to meet)

    Daily School Schedule 8:30 AM-3: 50 PM


    1st period 8:40-9:30 (6th grade)

    2nd period 9:34-10:19 (Honors 6th grade)

    3rd 10:23-11:11 (6th grade)

    Lunch 11:15-11:45 (6th grade)

    4th period 11:49-12:34 (conference)

    5th period 12:38-1:23 (Honors 6th grade)

    6th period 1:27-2:12 (6th grade)

    7th period 2:16-3:01(PLC)

    8th period 3:05-3:50 (6th grade)


    Tuesday/Thursday ADVISORY

    1st period 8:40-9:24 (6th grade)

    2nd period 9:28-10:10 (Honors 6th grade)

    3rd period 10:14-10:56 (6th grade)

    Lunch 11:00-11:30 (6th grade)

    4th period 11:34-12:16 (conference)

    5th period 12:20-1:02 (Honors 6th grade)

    6th period 1:06-1:48 (6th grade)

    7th period 1:52-2:34 (PLC)

    ADVISORY 2:38-3:03

    8th period 3:07-3:50 (6th grade)



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